Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-FH25VE / MUZ-FH25VE

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  • Täydellinen
    Has driven it in a lousy isolated summer cottage (woodchip walls) and heats the 68 m2 (two closed bedrooms) down to -20, then I've got a fire in the fireplace to keep the comfortable temperature (would guess that there is no pump fault without walls leaking heat like a sieve when it's going good with hot air).

    Must say that it is somewhat amazing. Not just low noise, it has a reasonable pleasant sound, no bother me (and I disturb me at almost any sound).

    The only thing I would wish is time-control of fan speed and not just the temperature.

    For the cost there is no competitor at all!
  • Huono
    I had a similar Mitsubishi heat pump which unfortunately after 5years broke.
    Since I have been really pleased with the former, I thought that a newer Mitsubishi with the same properties can not be worse ...

    However, this pump can not even heating downstairs in the housing (65kvm) which the old made easy.
    I need to put the heat on 24-25grader for it to keep 21-22grader at some few degrees below zero.
    In addition, defrost pump more often, even at +/- 0, than the former and it sounds then like a hell of a threshing machine!
    Otherwise, eat the plastic of poor quality which makes it snaps and lets loud quite often - so even if the fan noise is low, the noise level was disturbing!

    Horribly disappointed when I still read about a lot of pumps before the purchase and this time seemed like a good buy, but buy it is not!
  • Erinomainen
    Do this in a system together with the small SF25 for heating the villa. Works almost too good, then we must never reason to light the stove anymore ...
  • Täydellinen
    The very best you can buy. Very satisfied!

    Have FH35 downstairs and FH 25 upstairs. 170 m2 house ... a little overkil I know .... The idea was to have the FH25 to kylninng in the summer just as the user above.

    Low power about 400w at + 7C and 20C set on the remote. Behave as you would any of frustration here is not. True tornado fan at the highest setting!

    Do not skimp and buy Panasonic - my mom has done it and repent ...

    bought mine at svenskkylservice who had the lowest price of 12500 with instalaltion 1 year ago

    unstoppable with 5 years garati
  • Erinomainen
    Got this pump installed for a couple of days ago on our upper floor in a 1.5 storey villa.
    The aim was primarily to run this machine with cool summers seem then becomes warmer and warmer.

    Have a larger model installed on the floor below, and have been impressed by the Mitsubishi pumps. These can not compare to other older pumps that were sold by different brands for 8-12 years ago.

    FH25 is the little brother to the FH35 stuck with something better on konverterdelen. It is not as powerful as FH35, but effective. FH25 is cruel quiet and spreading cold / heat very efficiently. The capacity of this "smaller" model impresses cruel to me. To FH35 to be motivated, you should have a very large and poorly insulated house.

    It is easy to manage and learn the features on.

    Thinking of a new air-to-air so I can only give the highest recommendations to this.

    9-ball is likely to be a 10 when I drove it a little more.