DALI Zensor 3

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  • Arvosteluja toisista maista

  • Erittäin hyvä
    Very happy with these "small" speakers. Have a room that is 6.5m long 3m wide and 4m ceilings and they sound great everywhere. Like that they have no "sweet spot" and that they go down enough in the low frequencies, the judgment against the wall.
    They even sounds good for all sorts of musical genres.
    A very "wide" speakers in every way.
  • Erinomainen
    Have been looking for a pair of compact, great sounding speakers at all perspectives, such as balanced audio, soundstage and resolution, with a budget of 4000kr. These sounded clearly the best out of the number of recommended speakers I listened to!
    Listen first on Zensor 1 of Hifi Club, thought they sounded awfully good for the price, but said they had not had enough bass pressure and were not really rich enough. Listened including the Boston Acoustics A25 & A26, Tannoy v1i and Canton GLE 436. After minnits how Dali Zensor 1 sounded so I read a while online about Dali Zensor 3, and determined me to buy them. After having "burned" them for about 30 hours so I can easily say that the speakers open up / sound better, just as many are saying online.
    Super satisfied so far!
  • Erinomainen
    Use these as stereo speakers with an CEOL Denon RCD-N9 and are very satisfied.
  • Erittäin hyvä
    Run these as rear speakers now in my system. Sick satisfied with them.

    Good looking and good sound for a little money.
  • Erinomainen
    Insanely good looking and well-playing at a very good price.
  • Erittäin hyvä
    In this price range there is sure those who play more dissolved in the higher registers, or those who have a more defined and tighter bass, or perhaps a more balanced sound stage .. But then probably just one of these. Dalin, on the other hand, is pretty good at everything, but not the best at something. According to me it is something positive in this price range. You get a speaker that fits any kind of music, and who have dynamism and poise even for film.

    This combined with the delicious design makes these speakers for a bargain in my opinion.
  • Täydellinen
    Better sound for that money does not exist.