Sony Alpha A5000 + 16-50/3,5-5,6 OSS

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  • Erinomainen
    Really good camera for the price (bought for 2990kr.) I was looking for something with more features than your phone and have been very satisfied.

    The lens that comes with a good and sharp all-round lens, but there are also a number of other affordable Sony lenses for those who want to expand their arsenal. I can recommend the 55-210mm OSS Telecom lens and 35mm / 55mm prime lenses.
    Many other accessories such as lens protection, camera bag or adapters for other lenses sockets found on most

    * A6000: For more than 2000 SEK more you can get the A6000 offers an OLED viewfinder, better display, better sensors, more functionality and more comfortable grip. A5000 is still a bit more compact and slightly longer battery life.
    * Smartphone: Compared to a newer phone will clear improvements in pictures if you put yourself into the manual controls, objective and after editing, Easy shooting or auto-shooting, I probably would have instead focused on a pixel, S8 / S7 or iPhone 6s ( not like seventh grade.)
    * RX100: Compact camera (fixed lens) with full manual controls. Can most of A5000 can. I had checked the RX100 land I or Mark II before buying A5000 if similar price range you are looking for and the lens is not very important to you.

    + Compact
    + Full manual controls
    + Really good price
    + Top Value lens selection
    + Easily transfer to the phone via WiFi / NFC
    + Good first camera
    -Skillnaderna phones are not as big as it was.
  • Erittäin hyvä
    + Nice compact camera with agile to fine design, long battery life, värt pengarna
    - Krangligt with massa SETTING

    Kameran in full as rekommenderas.
  • Erittäin hyvä
    Very pleased.

    + Smooth format and great pictures.
    - A little plasticky, ungainly handling plugged into the computer and the screen would have been better.
  • Erinomainen
    Very good images at a reasonable price.

    Now add that I am not a photo enthusiast, but require good image quality course!

    Pretty formats with many opportunities that are adequate for most. Totally satisfied!
  • Erittäin hyvä
    A really nice camera

    Fairly smooth style, wanted something more compact to carry with me than a full-sized SLR. Was primarily looking for a compact camera and look long at the Canon S120 but as long as canon insists on the small image sensor, I do not like the result it performs good enough. RX100 III is still a bit pricey.

    Really impressive image quality and noise performance. In previous Nex cameras I have seen problems with chromatic aberration that has disappeared, do not know if it is optically or via software in the cameras, even some optical distortion seems to be gone. Do kitobjektivet perform relatively well.

    The absolute worst thing about the camera is the screen that has "low resolution" bad viewing angles, dull colors, no dynamics and lacks touch. Hard to tell if the pictures are good or bad, has cheated me many times that the focus is wrong etc, but when you then send pictures wirelessly to the toad you will see that the pictures look crazy good. Very rarely felfokuserar camera, takes good and precise images.

    Build The quality could have been better, a little uneven gaps here and there the screen sits a few millimeters awry, these are things that probably are not at all visible on a black camera, but on my white seen it a bit ... no big deal but could have been better, not apple precision.
    A little annoyance is that the button onoff and avtryckarn have a gråkrom tint then the optic and ring inside another champagne / purple chrome tone. Low sprawling ....

    Like that it's built in flash has still not supposed to get some accessories via hot shoe then it is nice to not have an extra little "kitblixt" dragging on ...

    Perfect "point and shoot" camera that takes some amazing pictures ...

    Wifi feature was a must and works perfect first wirelessly to the toad and from there images are loaded automatically into the computer via "image stream" iCloud.

    Had just the screen where better had it every full pot ...

    Discovered after 3 weeks a Hot pixels, an annoying pixel that glows red when dark areas of the image and also clearly visible in the display. Went back to the scandinavian photo of complaint and they wanted to send the camera to Sony, did not want to be without a camera 2veckor now in vacation time. Googling a bit on the problem and know that I had the same problem with my Nikon 1 that they have a pixelmappningsfuktion. Sony has apparently automatic pixel mapping that goes off when you turn off the camera, this makes it maybe 1 time per month (do not know how often) but by changing until the date three months so run the pixel mapping, which is evident in that you hear the shutter sound when turning to off. And VIPPS the red annoying pixel is gone! This feature is not present on any of the manual and is also no option in any camera menu, bit of a shame ...

    Luckily I did not send off the camera yesterday ...