Canon EOS 7D Mark II

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  • Erinomainen
    They changed me from the old 7D and satisfied.

    + Autofocus is very fast and very accurate, great for sports and wildlife, and was the reason for my change from the 7D
    + The setting options are very good and easier than the 7D
    + The shelter is sufficient for real filthy weather
    + Good battery life

    - The white balance with lights is bad. It becomes slightly yellow.
    - No touch screen, WiFi

    The next step up is a 5D Mark III
  • Erittäin hyvä
    Have harvested 650D, 700D, 6D and now I run with the 7D Mark II.

    Love all the settings (particularly AF) and AF is amazing fast.
    Also loves construction quality and it feels sturdy as hell.
    Sometimes lack tiltable screen. Do not lack the touch-screen.
    Certainly lacks WiFi. Not seen the benefits of GPS yet.
    Not lack of full-frame 6D.
    Think it is heavier than my previous cameras. If you drive with a heavy loophole becomes a bit tiresome in the arm after a day's use.

    Recommended accessories that make life a little easier:
    Wrist Strap Canon E2 and Canon BP100 backpack.