Nikon Coolpix P900

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  • Erinomainen
    Cost is not the approximately 2000 SEK? Located on approximately 5500kr right now
  • Erittäin hyvä
    A great camera, but be aware of what you are buying. I am an ordinary amateur photographer who stick to automatic functions. I can only comment on how the camera experienced "point-and-shoot" ie, without manual / advanced settings. I had read a lot about this camera before I bought it. For me it was the amazing zoom that finally got me to buy it. Firstly one must be aware that this is a big (!) Camera. It weighs approximately 1 kg and is the size of a system camera. Secondly, one must be aware that this camera is designed precisely zoom. This is impressive and so is the image stabilizer, which makes it possible to capture images at maximum zoom without a tripod. It can best be described as a telescope / binoculars camera function. When it comes to venture out, there are currently no other camera on the market that provides the range Nikon P900 has. However, the image sensor is small and the image quality is not the best. Here it is primarily reach one pays for. I have taken a great deal of visual (without zoom), both outdoors and indoors, and here drawers P900. The images are somewhat faded, with average color rendering and with less good details. In everything darker than daylight will also witness a lot of noise ( "snow") in the images as sacrificing image quality. I can not recommend P900 photos indoors or to those who want an all-rounder. In my opinion this is brilliant and safe choice for all who want and need as much zoom, but for those looking for a camera that can be used in any situation (all-round camera), this is as said this is the wrong choice . Want a good camera for a holiday trip or in your daily life, you will find many (cheaper) compact to take far better pictures and is easier to bring their conclusion is that this is fun and good camera in its application. User interface and functions there is nothing to say on. Build quality is also good, as expected by Nikon. Consider therefore through your needs before buying. With that said, there are zoom you are looking for, the Nikon P900 right choice!
  • Täydellinen
    Got hold of this camera out and have tried it for a while and am very happy with it so far. There are very many settings that you can choose depending on what to shoot. Have tried to photograph the moon and the zoom is incredible, but you should use a tripod when zooming so far and use a remote shutter release so it will be fine pictures.