Huawei MediaPad M2 10 LTE 64GB

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  • Huono
    No update of Android, still Lollipop. First and last time I buy Huawei!
  • Erinomainen
    A nice tablet in the middle segment. Robust, stylish and affordable if you manage to fix a Elgiganten when the rear them for ~ 3300kr.

    Sharp screen and good sound for a tablet.
  • Erinomainen
    Then it was time to give this flat a review. First we konstatrera that it comes in two flavors and two colors. Silver 16GB with 2GB of RAM and 64GB Gold (premium) with 3GB of RAM and a cool stylus. Premium is not as silver as Huawei has chosen to paint to reflect the version you have.

    The first thing that strikes you when you open the box with a beautiful copper M2 inristrat on the front is the solid plate looks through the frosted white plastic cover plate that comes in. And indeed, it is really neat. Metal construction in frosted gold breathes quality. When my wife looked at when I unboxade plate broke her: "That's probably the prettiest record I've seen!". That says quite a lot considering the ipad / Ifan hell she is. The box contains the plate, charger, usbsladd, sim card pin and a stylus pen.

    Not the stylus anywhere. It is very similar to the S-Pen but is larger. One AAA battery powers the pen so you can understand about how thick the pen is. What I see as a great advantage when you can actually get a proper grip on the delightfully. Feels more like a functional pen than the feeling of trying to draw with a straw. Will return to the stylus ago.

    First Bootup and Huawei MediaPad logo pops up along with the Powered by Android. Bodes well. Then it begins. Boot animation with accompanying sound. Already this marvel to the sound that pumps out flat. Was it really the plate that sounded like that? Sounds like a bit smaller concert hall with some pianoplink and bass. To set it is like any other Android device, quickly, easily and boldly.

    As soon as all settings were made, I began to fiddle a bit on the EMUI (For those of you who do not know it's kind "skin" that Huawei has chosen to implement instead of the vanilla Android. Think of it as Huawei's answer to Samsung's Touchwiz) Here it gets a little mixed feelings. Because I personally love Google's vision of Android, where everything must be uniform in their beautiful way. EMUI get the plate to feel a bit "childish". Get me wrong, it is with icons and other things to do that make you remember from MIUI China (Xiaomi phones / plates). Many like it but I would have preferred vanilla. Nothing that interferes as seen on screen, the icons will really pop out. Still better than Touchwiz ...

    Lag or no lag, there is the constant question. They apps I've piled on the runs smoothly. Kirin chip is really capable of much. RAM wise, I have almost always about 1.3GB free. Then I might 9 apps running in the background.

    Screen. Yes what to say. Not soaring ppi because of its fullHD resolution but in the fashion of ipad whether to compare. Really strong in brightness and a setting that allows you to choose whether you want a warm or cool tone on the screen. A slider adjusts to your preference. Really nice I must say. Having looked at the Nordic HBO and Netflix, and note that the image is really crisp. Look forward to many hours of film viewing.

    The sound. I have honestly never hear better sound from a plate before. Lenovo Yoga plates're oxo known o have really good sound (perhaps the only e well with them ...) but Huawei MediaPad crushers really drag their Harman / Kardon speakers 4st. I tested a variety of different music genre and feel that the speakers do any justice. Harman Clarify makes oxo sound very virtual wide, you feel almost surrounded by the sound. Fantastic!

    The fingerprint reader plate to breathe "Samsung" which I would think is a little sad, but at the same time so I do not know how the man had wanted it would have looked instead. The partridge is the feeling of right, no matter which way I hold the plate. Very reminiscent of the speed as Huawei Nexus 6p in its readers. The plate also has Swype abilities which means that you can use the various functions.

    Battery. OK. Do not know if it's as good as my old yoga but it is not far away. Enough for many days depending on usage so clear and what to do.

    Camera. Wow. Probably the best camera I have ever seen on a plate. Not topsegment mobile quality but certainly good enough o be o sniff close behind. Some small features. Beautify the max if you feel ugly and you have a makeup face that looks plastigare than Kim Kardashian.

    Stylus. The feeling of holding a Note 10.1 is great when it arrives. A little reminiscent hover effects when hovering the pen over the plate. 4 election. Calculator, Quick Note o else. It reacts quickly and has two buttons that can be used almost exactly like an S-Pen (but the S Pen is just a button) Bamboo's an app that hangs in order to record and plot. One feature that I think is absolutely amazing is that you can turn off the touch while you draw, so it can be seen resting his whole hand on the plate without the sign there, just pen! Lovely! Drawing has never been easier. (Can not remember if my old Note 4 had such a funtion but I do not think) Maybe a little gimmick over it because I do not use the stylus so often the case, and because you can not attach the stylus on the plate so it feels as if I will lose the sooner or later. (Imagine if it could have been magnetic and could sit on the side of the plate or something).

    My conclusion. This is probably easily the häftigatse plate I've ever had. The design and functions are welded together to give a luxurious o functional sense in which Huawei has hit the mark. The software feels lashes and stable and the screen reflects fine. There are better more high definition plates but MediaPad offers more than that. The sound, stylus and the camera is unbeatable. I value it higher than some extra PPI. It does what I require of it, and it does it in style, gallant! I said that it is possible to call o text with it? It is ...

    R3b0rn / Gucci