Samsung UE55KS9005

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  • Tuskin hyväksyttävä
    -alerts: Big problems on DLNA
    -Small Sweet spot - 55 "is too small and 65" is the minimum of curved.
    -Plastig One Connect
    -USB 2.0 - ancient style

    + Good Darkness
    + Good 400mm VESA rear
  • Täydellinen
    Outstanding picture quality, great features and smooth minimalist remote control. Bought my 16000 when it was severely impaired and made a clip. Now the fan down to 11,000 and those who buy now making its life business. Is almost tempted to buy one just to pan.
  • Erittäin hyvä
    Have had this TV for a week now and can only say wow ... Went from a previous Samsung 1080p television from 2010 (purchase price around 20k) to this and must say that there is a huge difference.

    The picture is extremely much better and much more bright, which is very good when it is in a room that is quite bright during the day. The picture is almost perfect in both black and color quality when you have adjusted the picture settings a bit. With UHD HDR materials from Netflix, it's an almost unbeatable picture on this TV. However, you're not Netflix UHD supply something to cheer for direct ...

    The remote control that comes with works very well with it. Can easily set by following the instructions on the TV and I can now control both the volume of the speaker system and the IPTV box with it. Big plus for the junction box that follows, which makes wiring much easier when you do not pull the cables up to the TV. However, had like to have seen a little thicker cable between the box and the TV about them then had to place the power cord where in too.

    There is alright many apps in Samsung's Tizen operating system, most needed, I would say. Lacking, however, SVT Play and Twitch among them, but a big + for Plex. SVT Play is moreover to stream away on the use of the built-in browser of the TV.

    The only negative I can think of is VESA 400x400 mounting the TV on. It comes with four spacers to the TV that must be screwed in to enable wall mounting. These spacers will cause the TV will further about 2-3cm out of the wall beyond the depth of the wall bracket. In our case, this resulted in that we now have the TV hanging about 5-6 cm out from the wall. The two spacers located at the top, it is also an extremely short thread on ... It felt a little sad to hang the TV on the wall when they are not felt quite stable. In fact, when I tried to hang up the TV with Samsung's own wall bracket (the two disks on the wall and then a wire attached to the TV) so bent t.o.m these distances. Did not dare to trust that this would keep you went and bought a new vägfäste and now sits well on the wall. I.a.f so bottom line is that you can not get this TV to hang the "flat" against the wall when these spacers move out the TV a few centimeters extra. However, if you plan to use your stand so I can only say: Congratulations on an incredibly beautiful TV;)


    +++ The picture quality
    +++ Brightness and darkness
    The remote +++
    ++ Apps and Tizen OS
    ++ Junction box

    --- Spacers for hanging TV

    Had it not been for the spacers used for wall mounting, so had this TV received a handball 10a.
  • Täydellinen
    fantastic Television