Huawei Honor 7 Lite

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  • Tuskin hyväksyttävä
    Not happy with this phone. After 2-3 months of use, it became very slow and "clicked". Like generally huawei's design of the mobile, but there are some things they like to change. Among other things, the design and features of the locked screen ...

    At such a low price, there is not much I can complain about, but I'm disappointed that it took a little while before it got bad.

    But happy with the camera. The battery life was ok.
  • Erinomainen
    Really happy with this phone!
    Occasionally size, thin and sleek with durable shells in the metal. High-resolution screen that feels comfortable to watch.
    I feel that overall mobile phone very fast and easy jobbad, that adequate hardware performance.
    Really great value for money!
  • Erinomainen
    Good battery life, smooth, good display, nicely Olympics.
    No further camera or music playback.
  • Erinomainen
    The phone feels very well built with the backing of metal, moderately rounded edges and high rigidity. It is also relatively thin. The size is ideal and it works to enhandsmanövrera and have in your pocket. The screen is bright and sharp. Battery life is ok. It is not as fast on advanced graphics that expensive phones but it is not an average user notice everyday.
    It lacks 5GHz wifi makes little difference I noticed at a benchmark against Honor 8th
    Fingerprint readers are very good and it works pretty well after I read the three variants of the same finger.
    This is a very affordable phone that I highly recommend. I would make the purchase.
  • Erinomainen
    Very affordable!
  • Erinomainen
    An absolutely stunning phone in relation to its price. I use the phone pretty much every day and I have not yet managed to consume the entire battery in a day. The only thing that makes me not give the highest rating is that it takes quite a long time to load, but it really does not matter because the charge of my case occurs at night.

    Otherwise, the phone is quite plasticky but for the price, it feels really sturdy. Android 6.0 floating on really well and I have not had any problems with lag at all. The fingerprint reader works great and the screen lights up within a reasonable time after the footprint is registered.

    Are you looking for a good buzz in the budget category, this is absolutely the right phone.
  • Täydellinen
    For 1500 SEK in BF so it's a minor sensation. Good feeling in the phone itself, feels luxurious and lavish. Android 6 with emui 4 is like butter.
    Have not tried the cell phone as much rest as it is a Christmas gift.
    Immediate benefits are a bright good fullHD screen. The camera seems OK, even Good.
    Fingerprint reader, Dual SIM / SD. Decent SOC with fast CPUs.
  • Erittäin hyvä
    I'm actually, after three days of use, extremely satisfied with this mobile. Awesome very mobile for almost no money at all!

    Has gone from an Iphone 6 (job mobile) and LG G4 (private mobile), and do not notice that this pure specs-wise is smaller.
    Battery life is really good, ringing a lot for business, writing emails and checking facebook and slösurfar at lunch and still have around 65-70 percent battery when I stopped for the day. With previous phones I have had to download when I get home.

    Love that it is dual sim, so you just need to have a mobile phone for both business and personal.

    Really good and fast fingerprint readers as well.

    Good coverage, experiencing far better coverage on the job, compared with the iPhone sixth

    Sure, there are drawbacks to this phone, such as:
    - No qi charge
    - Brightness may not be adjusted fully automatically as good as the more expensive handsets
    - A little weak speaker, it works to drive conversation with the speakerphone, but it is a bit skränigt
    - No scratch-resistant glass, have allowed the included screen protector to sit on and have not yet scratched the screen.

    All in all an awesome mobile 1995: -!
  • Täydellinen
    Had the latest in about 1 week and works just fine. Fine resolution with good camera that takes sharp images. Battery life lasts longer than I expected. Using the cell phone daily and need maximum load 1 time / day for some hours.

    The only drawback is that the screen is scratch resistant! Have already had to make a very small scratch in barely visible but that feels a bit more than when the phone is brand new. Do not be the same mistake as me and buy a protective cover / shell!
  • Täydellinen
    A very good mobile money, worth every penny. Good camera that takes sharp images, good screen resolution. Battery time is okey, yet I'm the one that uses the phone a lot. But I load at most 1 time / day. If you use it normally then keeps it easy for a whole day and have many percent left on the clock. Tried today 10/9 -16, normal usage as of 12h, it has attracted 20% of the battery percentage.
    I have nothing to complain about in the current situation!
    I rather buy Honor 7 little than to add ca. 1100 - on an Honor 7th
    Clearly worth buying!

    Updating more later ...