Huawei Honor 8 32GB

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  • Erinomainen
    It is a very efficient smartphone.
  • Erinomainen
    To begin with, I want to tell you what I have experience of telephones in the relevant segment: SGS3, Z1c, Z3c, SGS5 (temporarily), followed by a new Z3c. (My first "smartphone" was a P900 ;-)).

    S3an comes closest in sense in terms of shape (size and the rounded edges), but Sony ear cups is closer in terms of materials (glass front and back and the plastic on the edges).

    It is fashionable to complain about the glass backs and plastic in general, but when it comes to feeling so Honor 8 truly in a class by itself!
    The plastic edges are obviously selected because of practical reasons, hardly economy. And as for feeling so dominates the glass so total that the plastic can only disrupt the already existing prejudices that particular material.
    Sure, a metal frame had given handset more "premium feel", but a material which ironically is more "plastic" (retains its shape after deformation), against the plastic "elasticity" (returns to its original shape after trauma) had certainly made the glass shattered easier . Plastic can take up a lot of force and return to its original shape while the metal that deforms adds a large and permanent load on the surrounding materials, which is inconsistent when it is combined with glass! (Although a first blow not break the glass so the load is retained and results in the glass can be easily crushed by a blow quite easy to take the wrong place).

    The phone feels incredibly thin and flexible, even though it is a hefty size larger than what I'm used to from Sony's compact models.
    Durability I can not comment on much since I only had it for about two weeks, but it has already survived a couple of cases, from a shelf into a basin and from more than a meter down the tiles to name those likely had ( did) crushed glass on either side of a Sony. Without getting so much as a brand (even when I examine with illuminated 50x magnifying glass).
    The feeling is really outstanding, do not know how to explain it, but also a friend who still use a Galaxy Alpha (built just for having the "premium-feeling") think that it feels superb!

    For your exterior as the phone, as many others have said, extremely slippery! The rounded edges of the glass allows it to glide ridiculously easy and it really is no exaggeration that the weight of the charger cord causing it to fall off even a sofa with reclining seat!
    I underestimated this when the same was said of Sony ear cups, but this is really in a class by itself!
    Have supposed to fix this with either a "film" on the back (just to cut a moderate piece of anything, instead of whining about it "not available") or just some little "feet" of electrical tape or similar. A small round paw in every corner, in a reasonably grip material (real electrical tape, not PVC, but perhaps with PVC, at worst, something like vulcanizing tape) should provide enough friction to stop the glide, without making it is difficult to take out of your pocket or thick.

    The software is perhaps no big shot as it is, but it is easy to get used to certain things and others can be compensated for. I installed the Nova Launcher, but not begun to use it when I want to get a proper feel for UIT first.
    It's mostly stock Android, with a few "tweaks". The step from Sony is very small and I miss having more to do with habit than actual functionality. It's just different, not worse. ;-)
    The absence of an "app-drawer" is nothing to interfere in length, it is just to create some directories and put everything into them, with their own categorization, which only facilitates Really! I have collected all on a single page, with six catalogs, six applications, two 4x1 widgets and five apps to the bottom field, which is totally modifiable, and even the phone can be removed (it is possible to add a directory with, so are you absolutely have to have an "app-drawer" so it is quite possible even with EMUI).

    The hardware, Kirin 950, I can not say much about yet either. It chops occasionally in a game that was floating on the Z3c without problems, but it is guaranteed to the graphics part that bothered (choppy only when there is a lot of animations at once) and better support for various protocols are constantly on the front.
    4GB of RAM is really good, many apps consume a lot more RAM now that it is available, which is hardly bad, but rather a sign that they can work better!

    Got the phone "free" to bind subscription for two more years, and then 299, - / month for the "fixed price" with 3GB data is all I need and can not get much cheaper so it was really free! (Three).
    Have "mobile broadband" with unlimited data, I want to have the data so I can take with me 4G stick and laptop! ;-)
    I certainly have no experience of the last generation (or two) of premium headphones, but is difficult to imagine any functionality that would be worth several thousand or several hundred a month to!

    However, hunting for a really small phone as a supplement, but obviously this is the iPhone SE alone in its class, with the "latest" Android handsets that can be said to be near, or even useful, despite low demands, from 2013 at the latest ...
    How can it be that not a single manufacturer has given up on building a phone for those who do not need a full-fledged computer in your pocket, but still want the ability to check when the bus is going, where you are when you are lost or reading a book on the train?
    A water and shock resistant handset over 100g, with 3.5-4 "screen in the 720, with a midrange chip and good battery life (a small phone can be thicker and a small screen uses less power), would surely sell like hot melts in sunshine! just look at how well the iPhone SE sells ... (I want to have cheaper, more durable and more free).
  • Erittäin hyvä
    Good mobile ???????? Great value
  • Melko hyvä
    + Battery life, lasts several hours longer than S7
    + Fast finger print reader
    + Hot like
    + camera

    - USB C, allowed to replace any cables that you accumulated over the years
  • Erittäin hyvä
    - High Sar value.
    Fy va high
    + Good display and sound
  • Täysin hyödytön
    for 2500 kr will no phone in the vicinity of this! Just wow ... are females 7 too, but this is much better.
  • Erinomainen
    Good buy!

    Especially fingeavtrykkleseren is popular.

    Have Android 7.0 Nougat and is significantly faster and more stable than my previous mobile (Samsung S5).

    Previously, Samsung favorite. But now there are Huawei,

    If the camera had been better and phone waterproof'd given a 10-er.
  • Erittäin hyvä
    Very affordable. Nice with dual SIM cards when using the telephone and private work.
    Can also have more users so you can have a work "desk" and a private "desktop".
  • Täydellinen
    Android 7.0 more battery is not so häftigt..Bästa interface, best phone I have owned, had sony samsung worse by model.
  • Erittäin hyvä
    * Affordable and good, but not perfect.

    * Difficult to write on. you meet often wrong letter.
    * I got a scratch of keys I had along with the cell phone in your pocket. (Bit sensitive, I think it is)
    * Get some kind lag times and lose wifi / 4g touch. and will return after 20 seconds
    * Slippery to hold
    * Not waterproof
  • Erinomainen
    Have had this a couple of weeks now and just have to give it a good rating.

    Very affordable fast mobile with smart features and great camera.

    Never thought I would buy a Chinese Huawei but it is just to accept that they do it well.

    Have had Windows Phone in many years and where very pleased with the phones but have more or less had to abandon them and bet on Android, when the iPhone is too expensive simply.
  • Hyvä
    Good camera at the bright conditions, but at night as the shooting so the result is not like my Samsung S6.
    good battery life
    easily scratched
  • Täydellinen
    There is nothing and complain about, best phone I have had, changed me from an Iphone 6th
    1400 SEK in cash at Tele2, when they drove their deal, love the finger print reader, stable software, significantly faster than Samsung's phones, is very reminiscent of the iPhone in its software and folder sorting and reliability. 10/10 without hesitation.
  • Melko hyvä
    + Really good construction quality
    + Dual SIM / Memory
    + Fully oki cam if you have good lighting
    + Outrageously fast fingeravtrycksläsare.Bra on the rear.
    + Just ok battery life
    Loading really fast +

    - All for aggressive battery savings.
    - The camera is not on in mediocre lighting.
    - The articles I have never been to act as the ska.Ibland it a notice and sometimes not ...
    - Google Now works NEVER despite several restorations. I want a note (which works like that) that it is time to leave at xx: xx to the meeting at xx: xx.Detta works 5% of the time in my kalender.Detta for me is a dealbreaker.
    - Hal as a wet tvål.Ett shell is a must otherwise keeps it did not last long.
    - No Gorilla glas.Repas very easy
  • Täydellinen
    Really good! Love it!
  • Täydellinen
    Best handset!
  • Erinomainen
    Bought this bit of "profit and loss".
    But it is great in my opinion.
    Was a little critical of the actual shell developed around Android - EMUI - but it is quite fresh compared to the "vanilla-Android".
    The phone never feels sluggish or slow, but is very responsive.
    The screen could perhaps have been more light (auto mode still works despite not update without brightness must be adjusted manually).
    Fingerprint sensor responds instantly (you can just make sure that you do not injure themselves right there on your finger :-).

    EMUI feels like I said very fresh but there are opportunities for improvement.
    Settings, it is a bit too much. They are scattered around and give a sprawling and disjointed impressions. Hard to get an overview.
    Everything is set to save the battery. This involves a lot of "Michaelmas settings" to receive push messages in different apps going to work (there is much info online about this).
    The phone is slippery as a soap so you have to have a shell that it does not slip away.
    To use the phone without shell is probably not advisable. It also has a trendy but fragile design.
    Honor 8 needs to be charged about every other day during "normal" use - sometimes every 3 (with accompanying "fast Cable" takes young 1 hour). If you have an old micro-USB cable that you want to use an adapter is needed for the USB-C,

    Overall, this is a very good product. Why give 2000: - more for a Samsung?
  • Erittäin hyvä
    Bought for 2500: - no subscription to Tele2.

    Construction feeling is premium, however, is more to be desired of EMUI 4. In February, EMUI 5 released ..
    Pulled into Nova Launcher to get the app drawer and native android feeling.

    Hardware +
    + USB-c
    + Battery 3000mha

    - Emui os
    - No image stabilization in the photo / video
  • Hyvä
    Basing my rating for the price I had to pay 2500 Tele2.

    Bought this phone as an additional backup phone. Had difficulty and choose so I bought this along with a few others.
    Normally I have more phones, but wanted to give this a chance because it is very beautiful and the seller on elgiganten attracted me to this.

    * The price! A good performance phone them money. Super fast and plastering.
    * The design, very beautiful to look at "but unfortunately not practical"
    * Super fast finger pressed readers with smart features
    * 3-month Vip guarantee for glass and 3-year warranty
    * A lot of smart features
    * OK / Good camera in good light conditions
    * Many features in its camera app.
    * Built-in IR
    * Dual Sim and Sim + SD Card
    * Build Quality

    * The camera could have been better, or bet on a single good camera when you barely get to benefit from dual camera. And no good in the dark.
    * Incredibly slippery in the hand and on the table mM!
    * The design again, super stylish as mentioned. But not practical. Learn easily scratched / broken that I even read about in many places. It is so stylish that I be close to keep the phone just utsendet with shiny glass.
    * Finger Print Reader at the back. I've tested many phones with front and rear F-readers. It may be a matter of taste, but in everyday life as to be an F-readers sit up. For example, if it is on a table, in the car on its holder mM it is very impractical to have it placed back.
    * Wish it were better speakers
    * Very Blot Ware! I thought that Samsung has many preloaded apps until I bought this! Fortunately, most go to uninstall, but far from all! With the Samsung there is an app where you can disable them, unfortunately you can not with this.
    * Have high SAR values. If you call a lot so you should think about it
    * The glass backing. Is not a fan of metal / glass back where they easily scratched and tear. Then it is run for the owner of the phone. Is more fond of interchangeable backs. For it will conclude that one is forced to have a shell to protect your phone and then one sees still not metal / glass on the back. So whats the point? Rather Wireless Charging + a back that can be easily replaced if scratched as older Samsung phones and avoid boring, thick ugly shell.

    It ended up on my part that I returned it. But it is a very affordable phone them money, but that is "extra" picky and have tested some phones that did not work this for me. Can you live with them "cons" it is as I said a great phone for the money.
  • Melko hyvä
    Had the phone a week before it started to reboot all the time, could not turn it off, but it continued until the battery died, submitted to the 4th got mail yesterday "Replacing the circuit board. Test calls, camera and WIFI OK!" So I hope to get it within a few days

    Great phone otherwise, for the price I got it for 2500kr from Tele2.
  • Erinomainen
    Think it is a cruel mobile in every way.

    Just the right size.
    Fast as hell.
    The camera.

    Provided shelter and rubber shell to it.
    Is recommended as it is a bit slippery.

    Fumes not really my purchase.
  • Erittäin hyvä
    Hard to find anything negative with this smartphone. Besides maybe then things may be considered to be out of the impact when it comes to design and durability.

    Good battery life for a high-performance smartphone.
    Quick interface and demanding applications.
    Clear, bright screen.
    Pretty clean of unnecessary apps out of the box.
    Good sound of the built-in speaker.
    Fingeravtrycksskannern works.
    The camera takes good pictures in most situations. (But not in the dark but it makes no camera phone.)

    As fragile as all other modern smartphones.
    Not easy to grip and slip easily out of hand without silicone protection.
  • Erinomainen
    Smartphone very fluid and powerful, very good photo quality and no worries to switch on emui coming from a more classic interface. On the contrary there are a lot of practical features.
  • Täydellinen
    For 3500: - (sale price) is the cell phone worth every penny. Have had it for about 2 months now and it works really well and without worries. It is fast and the battery is surprisingly good. Quality is excellent, it is, however, extremely slippery and easy to lose so back guard may be something to consider.
  • Erittäin hyvä
    Very affordable for 2500 kr Tele2!
    Good performance.
    Can handle multitasking between apps, many fine without lagging.
    The fingerprint reader on the back is a big plus. Since I usually have it in your hand when using the handset is much smoother than the reader on the front. You can add more fingers.
    Comes installed with many skitappar. Many can, however, uninstall, and most of the others can be disabled.

    Biggest downside in my opinion is that it is a bit too long.
    The camera is not so good in darker environments.
    Phone settings are not as intuitive as Samsung.
    Lacks menu button from Samsung.
    The back of my handset is definitely not made of glass, but plastic.

    Overall a really good nap so far for me.
  • Täydellinen
    Great performance and great camera.
    Great for the money!
  • Erinomainen
    This is undeniably the most affordable phone in terms of build quality, features and price. Bought mine about 2,200 Products via Tele2 existing customer. If there would be something I had to have an opinion on it is the external speaker as well have been of higher quality. Spray and dust protection would have been nice, but I think it takes a lot for an "unprotected" phone will be damaged.
  • Erinomainen
    Have now had the Honor 8:01 a.m. while and are happy. The phone is fast and the interface is okay after some adjustments (it can be customized to one's wishes are fulfilled). Overall, the phone feels as if it is good quality.

    However, there are some parts that could be better.

    1. The keyboard is not good and I have not managed to adapt it so I'm satisfied. Run with Google Keyboard. My former Samsung has had bell-like keyboard functions. There include the numbers visible at all times and also other features are available when they are needed.
    We hope Huawei comes with an update of the keyboard so it can adapt better or similar to Samsung and more features you want are there when needed.

    2. The phone is slippery and the chances are that you lose it. It is so slippery that it slides off the table if it is on charge when the cable's own weight pulls down the phone.
    It is difficult to understand a design with friction so bad, it's a phone that you do not want to lose.
    I have ordered a rubber shell we'll see if that resolves the problem.
    I was looking for a film that I would like to have on the back and on the edges around the phone, but found nothing. Let's hope it comes out on the market so you do not shell of the phone.

    Is it possible to arrange these two points, I will give full marks for Huawei Honor 8th

    Updating reviewed.
    There was an update to the Google keyboard and then you can set the keyboard so that you want it to be. Thanks for that. :)

    Bought a rubber / silicone cover for the phone and it helps to halkigheten but lacks a film that can be glued on to keep the thinness of the phone.

    A star to be ... :)
  • Täydellinen
    Finger Reader is a button, which can also be long suppressed and double-clicked. When you do it the first time you come to the menu which sets what you want to happen at the different clique.

    The coolest phone I've bought so far.

    Battery life is best since the Note series.

    USB C. Loading continued.

    Dual cameras. Nice depth of field, good filter.

    The price was in 2200 at Tele2 during Black Friday, so bought two.

    Feels like a top model, fast. Cost as a Samsung-buget, so the grade is max.
  • Täydellinen
    Fantastic handset. Has been Ifåne too long now, but here you get a lot more fun for the money. TOP!
  • Erinomainen
    Beautiful display, plastering telephone.
    Responsive finger readers thought the iPhone 6s huh fast, but this is the design of.
    Have just changed the launcher, otherwise I run stock Android. An exceptional feature is that you can set different commands using the finger reader button, I have double pressure lamp etc.

    For @ Zeb83
    Do you think you can change the screen turns off the wallet from Settings-> Smart roadside assistance> Smart casing.

    Really pleased, paid 2490th
  • Erinomainen
    Gone from the Nexus 5 and bought this mobile via Telia's offer which were SEK 1,000 for their old mobile. In the end I paid 349kr for mobile and a flip case.
    Cheapest cell phone I bought. (Applies to 64Gb RAM)

    Having just had the cell phone in 1w but updated this review later again.

    Nexus 5 is still functioning but the battery life is horrible. Anyway if you use the phone for more than just the call on texting.

    Honor 8 which receives lasts all day and then having a lot of surfing, instagram, messenger, streaming of play services and gambling boom of the beach.

    Takes a few days to get used to the structure of the interface and so on.

    Fun feature finger reader who is also a button. You can associate multiple features to this.

    Do not like that all apps must be on the desktop, just like the iPhone. Like d better then it is like the Nexus, that everything is in a menu behind the push of a button.
    And that the screen does not turn off when you close the flip case story.

    The camera I have not tested much, but will No top images in low light dimmer environments such as indoors. Pictures are easy grainy. The camera is on par with the Nexus 5 but with more features. But on the other hand, I do not have high expectations for a camera phone.

    The sound from the speaker is more than approved. Slightly high treble making the sound a little crunchy on certain frequencies, but it is difficult to get away with these small mobile speakers.

    + Battery
    + Fun functions
    + Speakers

    Screen will not lock when you close the lid.
    -Upplägg Apps (same as iphone)
  • Täydellinen
    Switched from iPhone 6s Plus can only say that the running of the iPhone easy and that when we buy the Apple iPhone, so you only pay for the apple not for the phone. Really happy with the phone was bought by Tele2 for 2500kr very phone for the money
  • Erittäin hyvä
    Had the phone in any week now.

    + rapidity
    + design
    + size
    + screen
    + Battery life
    + Fingerprint reader, fast and programmable
    + Camera in bright environments
    + Building quality
    + It goes very fast to load it

    -The sound plus the maximum sound level is very low
    Hal like no other mobile
    The camera in dark environments
    -somewhat weak vibration
    -no headset in the package
    -Easy to scratch the back

    For 2495kr, this phone is a bargain. I bought IgG4 last summer but was annoyed on battery life and it has started to part. I had not switched on the H8 had cost more than 3000 SEK. The camera is clearly better but tougher on g4, but h8 do well in bright environments.
    The fingerprint reader is just best in class. Fast and programmable.
    H8 is faster than g4, and is also smaller, which makes it easier to handle. It is however very slippery as a shell is a must. Emui is nothing for me so I'm running Apex Launcher.
    Battery life, I can not say very about when I received it yesterday, will return with it in a week.

    Okay, now I have been playing with the cell phone a couple of days. I installed lots of apps, games, etc. and notice no difference in the speed that the mobile is still really fast. Battery life is good shit. So they are just. You have to work on substantial if you're going to end on the same day that you have downloaded it. Honor 8 feels premium, some iPhone copy on all fronts but the Android edition to the much lower price.
    The two minus I can think of is the camera and the sound, everything else top.
  • Erinomainen
    Very pleased with Honor 8!

    + The look (blue)
    + Battery life
    + camera
    + Everything is going well in the system
    + Located in the hand
    + Affordable! (Tele 2)
    + Fingerprint reader is spot on

    - The sound could have been a bit higher during playback.
  • Täydellinen
    Kanon mobile, fast fingerprint sensor, dual antennas as reception is spot on, good battery life, fully approved camera, 4 GB of RAM. A great phone, if you do not want to pay 7000 SEK!
  • Täydellinen
    Top Mobil, the only drawback is that it is quite slippery.
  • Erinomainen
    Undoubtedly a phone from all perspectives feels much more expensive than it actually is. Paid extra price 3,500kr with student discount (Patron) and there really is nothing you can complain about when a phone for such a price can also be easily measured with the features and performance of handsets with a price almost twice as high.

    - Stylish, elegant, thin, robust.
    - Quick and laggfri experience. (interface)
    - Light, crisp and colorful display, even if the resolution could have been a bit better.
    - Big plus to the finger reader. In principle, once the finger is on the small ring, the phone is unlocked.
    - The battery lasts a full day under normal conditions of much use without any problems. Loading to 41% in half an hour which is basically a full day charge in just one hour.
    - Loud and clear sound. Not the best but will do well as mobile speakers.
    - Many useful functions hidden in operativet.

    - Software. Huawei's Android operating is visually almost a straight copy of iOS ... Have never been really in love with either iOS or Android.
    - Some very bloatprogram lying around (some crap games, etc.). Can at least be uninstalled.
    - No physical home button. Always prefer a real switch of androids screen buttons that take up unnecessary space on the screen.

    Conclusion: A real bargain in itself may not be a revolution of the product but still well up to scratch as a modern, fast and functional mobile at an unbeatable price. The less disturbing minuses located mostly in the software itself is still fully capable and can get used to. Otherwise, a very worthy contender among the other major manufacturers of mobile phones basically the same class.
  • Erittäin hyvä
    Do they have in recent years been inveterate Nexus user and have been difficult to see me with something else. But a cool price so I'm sitting here with a Huawei.
    Pleasantly surprised, my first words after 1 month with the handset. Very well built handset that feels premium all over. Incredibly stylish phone. From "pure" Android, I was skeptical of Huawei and their EMUI but after some adjustment and fipplande so operativet works surprisingly well. The above not to have an "app drawer" but actually starting to get used to and see the allure of the folders and the structure of the offer. So after a month so I am very satisfied in full, I feel like I have some left to discover. No frequent users of the camera but I tested is impressive. What I like most is actually the little subtleties that are built. Lots of tweaks and features a fingerprint reader that works great as a programmable button / control and of course incredibly good just readers too!

    My big problem is actually more frustrating than I first expected: slippery! Did not think I would bother me so much but it's like having a newborn baby in an interior design shop! You have to have an eye on it all the time. So expect the slides of sofas, beds, on the desk at the slightest incline. However, add that I am someone who does not throw in some cases wallet or something else thick shell without thousand it takes away any sense so I run it completely clean of such. So a shell can certainly do great deeds for those who want it.

    + Build quality
    + Fingerprint Reader
    + IR Port
    + Battery life + fast charger
    + All features available in EMUI

    - HAL (Must be pointed out!)
    - Slightly dim display

    Not to forget the Huawei VIP warranty (3-year warranty, three months free replacement at the cracked screen).
  • Täydellinen
    Fantastic mobile in terms of price, struck when comviq had the campaign, 40 SEK for 24 months (960 kr ultimately for mobile). It feels that it is comparable in performance and camera properties with all mobiles today. Super good camera and battery life. It is a bit slippery and although it is mighty stylish as it is difficult to have it without any protection. There really is nothing to fault.
  • Erinomainen
    Really nice phone, I have it work phone, it is fit for purpose large and nice screen.
    Located well in the hand and the functions seems stable and good.

    +++ Positive.
    + Clear clear screen. I personally think that it is enough FHD in 5.2 "
    + Good fingerprint reader. fast and accurate.
    + Good crisply interface and intuitive features for me who never had a Huawei before.
    + The camera gives good pictures that I am satisfied.
    + Does not feel like a cheap china handset, but really good feeling throughout the building.
    + Incredibly smoothly with the possibility of dual-sim.

    - Negative
    - Thanks to incredibly much better quality and feel are not so cheap anymore Huawei. But still much cheaper than a comparable Samsung.
    - Original shell I was with was discolored in less than a week
    - USB charging C is really positive, but a hassle when you have to buy new chargers for car and home, etc.

    On the whole, an unbelievably great phone, I will be happy with for long. I'm thinking of selling my private Samsung Galaxy S6 and just run Honor 8th
  • Erinomainen
    Really good phone!
    + Battery life is the best I've had on any smartphone, several days without problems
    + The screen is very crisp and bright and has nice colors
    + Fingerprint sensor is fast like crazy
    + Blue is terrible-looking, premium feel
    + Good Camera
    + Quick
    + Very good price

    - The interface is similar to the iOS (iPhone), but you can download apps that solve it. It has also been promised improvements in the next update
    - Then there's glass all round, it might be good to get cases to make it less slippery and to protect it in the event. Wallet Case is my favorite
  • Hyvä
    Good phone, but not without drawbacks.

    + Battery life and charging times, super smooth with quick charger
    + Memory Card Reader
    + camera
    + Fast fingerprint reader
    + Stylish (the blue)

    - Far too slippery
    - Fragile dropped once from about 50cm and top of the front glass burst
    - EMUI, they have taken Android and made it worse, notifikationsmenyn is terrible. Went to get it Fairly good if one malfunctions with themes and install another launcher. Soon EMUI 5.0, which look better and more like the original Android.
  • Täydellinen
    A real top phone!

    Have had this for about a month now and am very happy with my purchase. Bought it for 2490 in Tele2 when you could pledge a mobile and get 2000 SEK discount. In terms of price, this is a real bargain.

    Had the other hand, cost 4490 had as well have bought a OnePlus 3, nexus 6p or Huawei p9. But for 2490, there is nothing that beats this.

    + Battery life. Have between 5 and 6 hours of screen time each day which is crazy good if compared with Nexus 4, Nexus 5 and Nexus 6p as I had before.

    + Screen. 1080P LCD is really good with viewing angles that are perfect. Does not watered down in some way.

    + Quick. The flow is great to be Huawei own EMUI. Was surprised myself at how quickly it was because the nexus always been fast in my opinion but this is probably faster than the nexus through.

    + Fingerprint reader. Is fast and responsive, and it goes to program a button, press 2 for camera, 1 pressure flashlight etc. Seamless.

    +/- Camera. Neither good nor bad. In daylight it enables to take great photos with just the right sharpness and focus. But the darkness will not be quite as good with some grainy images as a result.

    - Huawei's Home Launcher. Use a 3rd party launcher like most Nova Launcher or Launcher Action because I prefer to have a applåda for all apps and not as iPhone with just a lot of icons scattered on different home screens. But this is, as I said just a personal preference.

    Overall this is a good buy. If I recommend it? Absolutely! Occasionally the size of the screen also which is great. So buy the absolute it is really affordable.
  • Täydellinen
    Really pleased with Honor 8th
    Everything is better than expected, the IOF. tend to be because I always read the critically before purchase.
    Still have not turned up that irritates the contrary, everything flows on many PLUS.
    Significantly improved camera, battery life, and display than expected.
    Very well-functioning fingerprint reader that can also serve as function buttons
    .Dubbla SIM and IR I also benefit from.
    Fast and good quality feel.

    I bought one for my girlfriend who also was remembered as happy as I am.

    Full pot after expectations so far, but can of course be lowered if something negative turns up. Are perhaps better phones that fit other better, as my children have SG S7 Edge and iPhone 6, but Honor 8 has more advantages just for me.

    Incidentally, you can also shoot in 60 fps, though there is a maximum of 30 fps on PriceSpy spec.
  • Tuskin hyväksyttävä
    Well, not exactly premium.
    They changed from a Nexus 5 (LG) in the hope that this would be about as good but with a larger battery.
    How was it then?

    + Much better battery life.
    + Memory Card Reader
    + The camera is probably better I think.
    + Prize. Free at Telia with 12GB / 24 months and the trade-in of older handset.

    In addition to the above is the most negative compared. Have not found anything better anyway.
    Messy settings with a lot of fuss. Not impressed!

    Completing after a few weeks of use:
    -Grymt Slippery.
    -It Is not possible to set the increasing ringtone.
    Now lost a star.
    really sick
  • Erinomainen
    My impression. Going from a Rootad LG G2 that I run on Android 6:01 cyangenmod ROM on. Mainly the reason for the change was that I wanted to have better camera for a reasonable price. Was crazy happy with my LG especially after the root up.

    + Finger Print Reader behind th spot and crazy fast. LG had back button and it is in my opinion much better than on the side. More natural if you think about it a little.
    + General fast
    + Good Camera
    + Additional memory
    + screen
    + Price Image

    - Just filming in 1080 (however, crucial for me)
  • Erinomainen
    Coming from a Huawei P8 I was not at all unhappy in any way, but felt that the battery life had deteriorated a great deal over the 15month I enjoyed it ..

    Big Smile, kanonbra phone, I was not disappointed on battery life!

    Have used it quite extensively, and then on Tuesday I have just charged 2 times!
    still have a full 19% left on the second charge so it is Fairly big difference =)

    The fingerprint reader and the features it has is just the worth the price!

    Very happy like long
  • Hyvä
    Now, had the phone in just over a week.
    -nice design
    -Not Direct any bloatware.
    The camera is very convivial.
  • Täydellinen
    Given that price I had to pay is 2500kr it is a spot 10a. It would cost as other premium phones about 7500kr I would have given it 8poäng and Samsung S7 edge would have been given the highest rating of all with 9 points out of 10.

    Fast and very smooth with smart features, good display, good battery life, good-looking, well-built. The negative is well that the camera is a few snap after primarily in night scenes and dim lighting. But nothing really disturbing and quite ok for simple holiday photos to post on Facebook and Instagram. Then a Launcher that gives applåda and more common androidutseende a must for me.
    Best battery life and the finger sensor. The fingerprint reader that is also a button, so much more and is really practical with its quick functions. Not uncommon with over 6 hours of screen time! often I have the screen on 5minuters extinction because the battery is easy though and I have time to change your tune when the first stopped after 3-4 minutes and without unlocking the phone when it is down.

    Sensible mobile in Swedish stores today, no doubt! But hurry before Comviq and telecommunications 2 removes the discount. Or wait until it comes another price bomb.