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  • Hyvä
    Have used them in about one day now and was the first very skeptical about a pair of Beats. Beats used for a couple of years ago and found both the quality and the sound was beneath contempt considering the price tag.

    But it is slowly but surely changed, the quality of the headphones feels much better and they have finally reduced the base of their kids. It's an okay sound, much the best sound I've heard from a couple of beats.

    What made that I bought them was because Apple W1-chip, which both improves connectivity and range. It's ridiculously easy to pair them with an iPhone and scope is the best I have experienced in a pair of Bluetooth headphones.

    Battery life is approximately 8 hours, and they also have solid fuel, so load you have five minutes to get two hours of battery life. Another advantage if you are already running Apple's charger is lightning port. So you can charge them with any Apple charger / cable.

    So the gist is, okay sound, extremely good range and connectivity, good battery life and a plus with lightning. It also received three months Apple Music free or 300: - Trading in the App Store. They also sits really well in my ears and isolate different sound good.

    Without W1 chip had these, however, were another couple in the crowd.