GoPro Hero5 Black

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    Have had the camera now for 2 weeks and after a lot of inconvenience, I am quite happy now with the camera. Expectations were high when purchasing.
    I ran into the "SD card error" after an hour of use! It took a while to through various forums to realize that the SanDisk Extreme Pro (and all other cards from SanDisk) seem to bother the GoPro Hero5. More on the error further down. But after switching to the Samsung Pro + camera has functioned as one would expect.
    The battery lasts for about 1h filming as second battery is recommended.
    Simple menu to understand and cruel seamlessly with voice control.

    Due to the GoPro seems dark these problems with SanDisk and short battery life can not get max grade.

    GoPro writes nothing about incompatibility with SanDisk microSD. Although SanDisk is the largest on the market, you should avoid buying their cards for GoPro when several consumers have suffered the error. The cards work on other devices but GoPro seems to have problems with them. The entire camera will be harder to use touchscreen begins hack, it freezes and eventually get the "SD card error". Then you can not record anything. After formatting the card, it works for a few minutes of filming and then you are back to square 1. Despite update to the latest firmware.
    GoPro has a short list of cards they recommend but my tip is to avoid SanDisk altogether until they sort out whose fault it is and solve it completely. SanDisk Ultra will you avoid all other appliances too.
    Unfortunately, I had already thrown the package and then got to keep the memory card. :(

    Do you buy GoPro Hero5 so bet on memory cards from Samsung or Lexar.