Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy

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    These three games came on a Playstation (1996-1998) and "Crash Bandicoot" immediately became Sony's mascot as Mario is to Nintendo. These games are very fun and pretty easy but do you want to do / see everything secret in the games, they are however quite difficult and replay value is high! It all comes down to jumping in broken boxes and collect different diamonds, some easy to find other very difficult. In the games, you run the most inward (into the screen) and outward (towards you) and this makes the game very unique to the ordinary platform game where you only run laterally, but usually lateral spring is here in many courses. These first three Crash Bandicoot games are just as fun and good as the first Mario games that came on the Nintendo 8-bit time! Recommended very hot if you like the newer platform game game "Rayman Legends" mm. All three games in this collection in addition to very much improved / updated graphics (see the video on the web to get the difference).
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