Jaybird X3

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  • Täydellinen
    Third time lucky. Now they are perfect. Less. Sitting as cast, good accessories, better Comply foam. The same battery life as x2 8h kidding but not removed. The sound I notice not significantly difference but can easily adjust the sound image in the associated app. Got them for 990 with Dustin but could easily bought them for 1390 anyway.
  • Täydellinen
    My works great, just like my x1or and x2or before this.
    They are not svettåliga are probably duds in others where I showered with my x1or and x2or 3 years now daily, and both still works like new.
  • Erittäin hyvä
    Spent 7 days.

    Very satisfied, switched from JBL Reflect Mini BT, and these are better in all respects. I was pleased with JBL, but these are very much better.

    Fantastic battery life (used 8 hours a day), easy to see the battery level of your mobile phone, good sound, good range, and really good to tension behind the head so that the cord does not hang loose.

    Suffice to use about 20% by volume - they are very noisy.

    Minus 1 point for low rushing and 1 for the absence of aptX.
  • Hyvä
    + Good sound where you can set your profile
    + Is quite amazing compared to X2.
    + Battery status is now visible on the phone or read up on the headphones

    -räckvidden is very poor compared with X2. With X2, I could go to the other side of the gym 20m away without any trouble. These pins connected to o from the 6-7m.
    -Do not bag you get with for wearing earphones in. It is soft o not as protective. Luckily I put the earphones in my old X2 "box".
    -laddningen with the new adapter is a bit clunky
    -after 100min use of maximum bass and maximum volume is battery down to 62%
  • Melko huono
    Dead on arrival.
    One cochlea (left) do not work.
    Apparently jaybirds previous models known for their cash-quality ...
    Updating rating for Fixed problem!
  • Erinomainen
    Got these today! And must say it was worth the wait. These kids are better looking, sleeker and better than its predecessors! The sound is absolutely fantastic with powerful bass, and together with the app so enhanced the total experience.
    Cruel battery that delivers significantly better than both X2 and Freedom.
    I have owned all models of Jaybird headphones, and X3: s is by far the best
  • Melko huono
    Today when I would use the headphones were not as happy as they would anywhere. They worked great when I finished my workout yesterday in a couple of hours but this morning gave the left ear a loud howling sound, but they joined, later, they did not start at all. They have continued to act extremely variable during the day, for a while was the remote control is very warm, sometimes they have started up, and sometimes just hisses and beeps those without rebooting. None of this is something they do normally.

    Will unfortunately once again to contact support for me in this case .... lowered my rating to just approved. Will return if this turns out to be an odd one, but to be honest this is probably just again an inferior product that does not really keeps its promises when it comes to sweat resistance.


    So far so good. Had about 8 pairs of Jaybird X2, which all failed because they can not withstand sweat despite the fact that they are marketed as. Had X3orna in about 1 week now and so far, these meet.

    + Battery life (8h, which it seems clear)
    + Less than X2 headphones
    + Sweat resistant (update if this is not so)
    + The sound, as X2 possibly slightly better, with no noticeable difference.
    + Premium feeling, more metal components in the product.
    + Fit, is the same as X2
    -Laddningsdocka required
    -something Less range than earlier? Is the cell phone free with a clear view to the headphones reaches the approximately 10m before they begin to lose touch. But his cell phone in a pair of tight jeans can make you lose the sound constant. Did this not as clear with X2 but on the other hand, I have a new phone since then, which can affect.
    -Greater Remote than the previous generation, however, if the now is sweat resistant, it is an upgrade. The remote control is relatively thin and does not interfere in anyway.

    Looking to sweat resistant inear workout headphones, this is the best option in the current situation.
  • Erinomainen
    + Great sound
    + Quality feel
    + Good range
    + Smooth app "MySound"
    + Good battery time
    + Is very good

    - Nothing so far