Asus ROG GR8 II-T022Z

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  • Erinomainen
    Really gorgeous! Easy access to change memory, disk and CPU if you would like.
    Has everything I need in a small format. Run with FullHD Monitor and then flows all the games perfectly.
    Star goes away to the fans part in the game but has headphones so there is no problem.
  • Erinomainen
    Affordable Computer (8890 SEK) with good performance for its size. I bought the computer, among other things, to play Fallout 4 and it does it with panache. I let the steam automatically adjust the graphics settings and then end up on Ultra, everything is max. I have the computer right next to the screen, and certainly, I can hear a slight fan buzz, but in the standard Windows environment, and even in Fallout so laps the never-up. I do not see this as a problem. My PS3: A (original 2008) allows more!
    I have tested it with the following benchmark program. NOTE originals, no overclocking.
    TimeSpy 3798th (3D land free version)
    3D Graphics land 8602nd (Performance Test 9.0 evaluation version)

    + Size.
    + A real out-of-the-box experience, it has functioned well without manual intervention so far.

    -Nätaggregatet Externally and roughly double the size of the typical PSU for laptops. Think about it, if you have any sensible place to hide it in the "harness".
  • Hyväksyttävä
    Nice little computer with the paper good specs and affordable (8990 SEK). Unfortunately let my copy too much to bear in the living room. Gta v Installed in the hope that it would float on good but got the game never work as it should, even though tested two different drivers. Want the game to work immediately without a lot of hassle with the settings, unfortunately, in my return now.