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  • 2017-01-22 - Vuosi sitten. Tätä aikaisempia arvosteluja ei lasketa mukaan kaupan arvosanaan.

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    1 vuosi sitten
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    Ordered a product over their weekend sale which was heavily discounted products that had been opened. Payment was deducted from credit card and the order confirmed. The next day I was told that the product had been discontinued and my order could not be fulfilled. Replied to customer service but they are closed over the weekend. Customer services contacted me on monday and initially replaced the product which was still available in unopened condition not on sale but then that order was canceled. I was told it was a mistake they had sold the discounted computer I ordered to another customer. I was offered a 10% discount on any other computer but the model I had originally ordered had been discounted 40% so I could not afford it and had to choose a significantly lower specced 15.6" laptop instead of the original 14" model. On top of this when they canceled my order I have to wait for a refund from Klarna (7 days hopefully) and pay for the replacement computer again. In two days of continual dealings with their customer service I was repeatedly told the purchase had not been completed so I had no legal rights to the computer, only a refund. I believe they are incorrect because I had a confirmation email which from what I read is a binding contract and also they took my money, so am pursuing compensation through the European Consumer Commission. They get 1 star because their customer service replied to me promptly and politely during office hours. They have good sales but be warned that they do not consider the sale complete until the product has shipped so don't make plans until you see it in the mail!