Apple iPhone 6 16GB

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Tuotesukupolvi: Apple iPhone 6. 5 tuotetta tässä sukupolvessa. 7 edeltäjää ja 4 seuraajaa
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  • Hyvä
    Hate all mobiles, this is no exception. Do not misunderstand me, I love the handling and design. Battery, Bluetooth, WiFi hassles and constant updates, which again compels me passcode although I do not want it, however, is stuff that I irritate me. And why the camera lens stand out? Make shit 2mm thicker instead, would have been more comfortable to hold as well. Love-hate?
  • Melko hyvä
    * IPhone 6, started well, but read my update.

    Have had it for 3 months with no problems, everything works stable and easily.
    Comfortable to hold with its rounded shape, however, very slippery.
    Good camera to be a mobile, but that all mobile cameras, it's not to be compared with a camera with real optics.
    So you want to have a good and user-friendly mobile without hassles, buy iPhone 6!

    * Update, lowers the grade p.g.a phone turns off when it gets cold though it has about 20% left. Come in and start charging, it will begin charging from 20% again.
    It is the same error as the iPhone 4S had ...
    Finger pressure sensor works for a while, then do not feel it again finger. Then it will be to use code instead.
    Has received restart it sometimes when it sometimes among others lose sound.
  • Erinomainen
    Well what can I say that has not been said?

    + Owned it for two years now. Worked like clockwork. Apple are experts in the whole and packaging.
    Out of the box - very good.

    - Expensive compared with a corresponding android handset.

    However, I am tired of tricks o fix the root / firmware etc on Android. iPhone / iOS is nice .... Works without Meck. Good for the lazy;).
  • Täydellinen
    My first iPhone and the difference from those android phones I had.
    Have had it for 1.5 years now
    Do not think that the battery has lost a lot of capacity and still feel refreshed.
    Never need to restart it as I did, very often with android before.
    Does the size is just right.
  • Erittäin hyvä
    + Incredibly thin and light
    + Very good camera
    + Battery life
    + Headphone jack on the underside

    +/- Quality Construction but not in the class with 5s
    +/- Good sound from the speaker but no stereo
    +/- Good display but the resolution could have been better

    - Protruding camera lens
    - Ugly band antenna
    - Horribel selfiekamera
    - Only 1 GB RAM
    - Fantastic expensive! 5999kr for a 1.5 year old phone is not ok.
    - The pathetic headphones they insist to send to, they can make the world a favor to stop.
    - Idiotic button layout. press the power button located on the opposite side of the volume buttons to press them simultaneously. Buttons must be on the same page.

    A mediocre phone with a fantastic operating system where everything just works. Incredibly liberating to come from struliga android where you have daily problems with calendar, email and MMS.
    Battery life will be read so very bad if I itch my head about. Sheep easy out two days of use, it would say that it is very good.
  • Erinomainen
    major product used over a year, is a storage issue, should have gone to 64G
  • Tuskin hyväksyttävä
    Have had the iPhone 4 2 years and now iPhone 6 1year of jobs.
    Have privately held Galaxy S2, the Lumia 920, Note 3 (smartphones then)

    Benefits iPhone:
    - Frequently apps are well made (but ridiculously expensive vs. Android)
    - Material. Feels well built, but all had cracked the glass as the glass cover = mandatory

    Disadvantages iPhone:
    - No back button
    - No settings button
    - No memory card slot (and ridiculously very expensive with more memory built-in) which allows transfer of large files (video films etc. EXTREMELY very slower than plugging in the card straight into the computer alternatively USB3 run on Android)
    - Non-removable battery (without submitting tel)
    - ITunes (Windows crashes, nagging - worrying that Apple can not better here with its economic muscle)
    - Explorer - all the images placed in shady numbered folders and refuses to use iTunes for pictures. And pictures is all you will åt.LÅST
    - Settings. All settings in a cluttered menu structure. Cf. android where all settings are located directly in the app, so very easy to find and save many clicks and searching.
    - Settings. Far too locked, far too few settings.
    - Camera. Ok photos and film but not the best. Small sensor so so skakstab.
    - Camera. Far too few settings, no manual mode std camera.
    - Camcorder. Far too few settings. No 4K mode. No manual mode.
    - Size. 6an is too small, 6s more moderate
    - Personal contacts, so sick unnecessarily. Just to lock in their system. USB is standard, but Apple continues to lightning and other nonsense.
    - Special apps outside the App Store. Does not exist. Where Android has a completely different magnitude where they really awesome apps often is free and is on github.
    - Finger pressure sensor. Does not work particularly well. To swipe off his hook pattern ala Android is so very quickly. Have teachat on my fingers three times in less than a year when, after a while do not recognize some fingers. Blöte fingers or fat fingers are helkört.

    Do not understand those who say that the iPhone is easier. It can only be because they never get the android a chance. Android is simpler and has very large opportunities and features (if you want - otherwise works fine std settings here)

    If I had ratat OS, IOS had been the last with Windows Phone in second place and Android one.

    Now waiting that Nokia will release its Androidlurar (probably Q4 2016), and if it will be as good camera and apps they had on Lumiaserien will be returned to Nokia or else Samsung's upcoming Note.
  • Täydellinen
    will probably put my first 10-pointers ever prisjakt.
    came from a Samsung-S6 is a masterpiece. Got an iphone 6 from work and did not think I would be so impressed. However, I realize that it is just as refined as the ipad :)

    • stability and predictability. (Android always causes trouble in any way)
    • battery. I can easily prevent the app's eating the battery in the background. 12 hours later, I have 90% battery without even knowing that I compromised.
    • performance. surfed a heavy website, this iPhone with 1GB frame was twice as fast as the Galaxy S6 with 3GB frame.
    • size and weight! perfect. Rap androids of this size do not grow on trees. Sony Xperia, I have tried once but it was my buggigaste experience ever.
    • more free memory left to me than most 16Gb androids
    • accuracy in fingerprint sensor. better than the Galaxy
  • Täysin hyödytön
    Bought one on Elgiganten for 6665 kr 5 months ago. After just three months, I sent back to the service. Three weeks later we were informed either pay 500 kronor and get the cell phone back unrepaired or pay 3600 crowns and get a new .. Had to choose the last option. Had to wait for another three weeks and had to pay 3600 kr but got a used entirely without packaging!
    No more Apple .. little ashamed that you treat your customers this way!

    We got to test it but it was just rubbish. Tuockskärmen did not work at all. Had to return it too .. We will wait for their reply further 5-6 weeks!
  • Täydellinen
    Best phone I owned, everything works smoothly and quickly.
  • Erinomainen
    The world's best phone!
  • Täydellinen
    Good phone, my other iPhone.
    Nice to have a larger screen than the old 5AN and better camera!
  • Täysin hyödytön
    Expensive .. Slightly Damaged. Can not change the menus and settings. lacks many apps. The camera is worse than my old Samsung :-(

    It has 16GB max ØxH not accommodate memory cards are bluntly Things T horrific.

    Kit Winnie simply .. Fort on the block while there are still 13-year-old puckon buying garbage.
  • Erittäin hyvä
    Quite satisfied with the phone, love the way it feels in your hand without shell so to protect the phone I bought superslimt shell and a really thin screen protector made of glass.

    Intercom, the battery is good.
    -Lite Recorded with other keyboards than their own, always use SwiftKey. Do not know if it's because Apple's or Swiftkey.

    Otherwise very satisfied!
  • Huono
    What a joke to the phone, 4AN every crazy good. 5an 6an and is only a poppis thing. Multitasking is terrible, traded it to a new. The same error but after it was concluded that "it should be" cost to be stekare.
  • Täydellinen
    Best phones
  • Täysin hyödytön
  • Täydellinen
  • Täydellinen
    Fantastic whole expression, recommended!
  • Erinomainen
    Get what you expect. Price slightly high.

    Have very good battery life. 2.5 days with no problem for me
  • Täydellinen
    Awesome phone! Do not listen to all the haters / trolls, they have nothing more fun in life than to whine at Apple ..
  • Hyvä
    Mjo then ..
  • Tuskin hyväksyttävä
    Beware of having the phone in your pocket. Fits on the desktop, those early warnings that it does not tolerate having his pocket right, it bends and stops functioning. And I have been cautious because I read about it, but did not help despite various protection around it.
  • Täydellinen
    Bought the phone when it was released and it is simply an awesome phone. Battery life is quite okay that's enough for music, SMS, ØxH surfing in one day without any problems! , The camera is great, sharp and fine pictures. Sen is 16GB enough for them, most now ... I'd hit a 64gb! But in short a very good mobile design is spot on! And you know what you get with Apple!
  • Erinomainen
    Has had the iPhone 6 silver 16GB in about half a year now here is some + and - with the iPhone 6 :)

    + Stylish, fast, light and handy, comfortable to hold
    + The camera is really good
    + Battery life is absolutely ok
    + Touch ID sensor is faster and better than 5s, now you can have all 5 fingerprints without hassles
    + Good speakers no upsets in the ears
    + Launchar everything extremely quickly, such as control center, Notification Center and apps
    + Hooks are not up as often as other older IOS devices
    + Can have the latest software update is now iOS 9.0.1
    + And much more

    - The screen is not good, not if, for example would drop it, my have one crack of it fell down when the loaded :(
    - It is mighty slippery so may slip out of your hand
    - The price, a bit too expensive

    Tip: Buy a shell if you are going if you're right there and then

    Recommend to buy if you are not too heavy-handed with the phone :)
  • Täydellinen
    I have used several smart phones and started my career with the Palm before.
    As always, there are good and bad qualities of a mobile.
    I appreciate stability, and that the whole memory can be used for all of IOS but really like the android.

    The last phone is an iPhone 6, 16Gb. It is slippery as a wet soap, a little big but the screen is gorgeous. My tablet gets her son to play with instead.

    Are you looking for an iPhone, I recommend this phone strong. Sure, the iPhone 5 / 5S is a bit sturdier but the screen on the new one is wonderful. Battery life is better than before Iphone's.
    My last android had better battery life, but I got tired of working memory ran out after a few months of use so unable even to make "necessary" updates.

    Not the best mobile with best spec on the market but for me right purchase.

    Encourage you, however, to look at a version with more memory!
  • Erittäin hyvä
    Ok now I have had the iPhone 6 gold in six months and I'm very happy! Now I will take some of the pros and cons of the iPhone 6:

    + Kamran is very good in both light and dark areas

    + Mobile is terrible fast

    + It has a large screen that fits very nicely in the beautiful premium phone

    + The very sound of the speakers

    + As said "REAL GOOD-LOOKING"

    + Good screen such as when reading text

    Now for the cons part is a bit finicky:

    - Right poor battery life and laddarn become very warm and it feels like it wants to burn up

    - The price

    - Desktop really bad you can barely press the right button and colorless and dull. Show great character when you hit small just weird.

    - Hal as a penguin

    - Really boring iOS and settings you can type change the wallpaper, it is almost everything. My sooner lg g2 had more settings on the first page than the iPhone has in total. LG had four pages!

    But this is the most detail is really pleased with it but it'll probably be a lg g4 instead! But a good buy for those who like simple systems and smart phones!

    Edit: I chose the iPhone 6 gold, and I must say it was not a great color. Premium phone from the back is kind of like a potato from McDonalds dull and sloppy and ugly and gray as the same out! But do not deduct a star because of that I have economies of noticing not!
  • Erittäin hyvä
    As previously apple hater, this was a step that took many years for me but the feeling from the iPad, I liked more and more and where disappointed with Android all the time. Tried to roota, flash custom ROMs, but always something hanged himself / malfunctioned.

    Have Well first and foremost anti-Apple because iTunes and that it is so incredibly locked. Have had the phone in any week now anyway and the first feelings are mixed but generally positive anyway.

    Clearly a good mobile .. but the absence of certain things make themselves also increasingly reminded, but I really would not trade either. Well more of a habit.

    + IOS for me feels a bit boring / simple but very stable so far. Fun with the new look.
    + Battery life I can not complain at all.
    + Everything feels like I said very simple and easy to understand.

    It's clear that the iPhone is not really in the same class as the top models of android in speed. There are few seconds / 10delar but you notice it.
    -You Can not in principle change anything. I'm used to add shortcuts for everything. Replacing launcher. Hide apps, etc.
    -knappsatsen, not auto-fill name of embarking on a number is for me very surprising. Means you have to enter the favorites / contacts on the fiddle
    -Flertalet Things feels like an extra step on the iPhone. Everything from call other menial things.
    -originaltangentbordet and t9funktionen impressed really do not. Thank goodness there was the SwiftKey also to the iPhone.
    -that no alarms only vibration mode available on iPhone å The phase laughable. Must download Silent ringtone for it to work ...

    But I did this step because I wanted to have reached different from the stable and I have got it feels like so I recommend it anyway.
  • Hyväksyttävä
    Want a phone from 2015, is not this the right phone.
    Buy Galaxy S6 edge you get so much more mobile money.
  • Melko hyvä
    + Stylish
    + Pleasant to hold (although it is a bit slippery)
    + Very good speakers have good bass and treble approved in view of what mobile loudspeakers will perform it's probably the best (compared to the S3, S4, S6 Edge)

    +/- Easy to use (for the simple meaning a problem for those who want to customize things)
    - Do a little too much info about the user (Right now, it takes exactly xx minutes to drive home, etc.)
    - Not comparable hardware to other phones in 2015 (although the software is developed whim good so there is no need better hardware)
    - Not much has happened since the previous models
  • Tuskin hyväksyttävä
    Used the phone for 3 months now. Ok screen and image are better on the market. The camera was the biggest surprise, really good pictures.
    Boring thing that happened to me is that the screen was not on glued properly so when I use the screen becomes / creates a click. It is expected to provide a complete mobile when you put out 7000, the dot on the one was that I was the day I was leaving the cell phone to get a new screen, because I got a little crack so they could not, now sits I am with a broken phone and wish I never chose Apple and went with an edge instead.
  • Erittäin hyvä
    Is as you would expect, nothing to object to if you like Apple wants to say!
  • Erinomainen
    My review of the iPhone 6. Will briefly write how I perceive the cell phone, then will I take up what some people this type because it they write the most is a lot of nonsense and outright lies (or ignorance).

    A very good mobile. The fastest phone on the market when it comes to single-core applications. When it comes to applications running polynucleate so it is also where very good, but there are some mobiles which perform better when it comes to multicore benchmark tests. However, the vast majority of apps in a mobile running in the mononuclear mode, so it is very seldom that a mobile utilizes more than one core. I myself am a developer and it is not entirely necessary to create an app that can benefit from multiple cores so do not be it either a very simple reason: it is significantly more complex to develop an application that runs under multiple cores than core and thus a higher risk of memory errors, memory leaks, crashes, and more.

    The screen is really good, sharp colors and good sharpness. Even under the Display Mate (google: display iphone 6) so it is really good, the best LCD as they have ever tested (today's OLED displays are also really good, tend to provide better blacks).

    The camera is really good, according DxOMark (one of the largest sites on the net when it comes to test cameras, Googling: DxOMark mobile rating), the best camera on the market when it comes to mobiles. It obviously can not compete with an SLR, but takes ok pictures.
    The camera is of 8 MP, Apple has not given into pixelrejset choosing instead to improve the camera sensor and the most important thing: increase the size of the pixels on the sensor. This means better pictures in the dark because the pixels on the sensor are larger and thus easier to collect light. Besides, as you sit likely with ~ 2 MP TV / computer screen at home so 8MP is quite enough. It is starting to come out 8 MP TV / computer screens, but the price is quite high so far if you want one in reasonably good quality. In other words: It makes absolutely no sense to squeeze into even more million pixels on a camera phone såvidare we not also make the sensor larger with a larger lens which, however, means that the cell phone becomes clumsy. However, there is one thing that may be useful in more megapixels and it is the image cropping, or "digital zoom". But if the cell phone is slim and lens is quite small then it is likely that the sensor is smaller and thus the pixel size smaller which results in lower image quality, for example, dark / light environments.

    Battery life is ok. I load my every four to five days. When does my battery Uses as follows:

    Usage: approximately 8-9 hours
    Stand by: 4-5 days

    I use it therefore not excessively: one or two calls per day, a little text, facebookar, surfing, the odd youtube clip, little notes and other goodies. What I, however, do is to shut down apps that I have used them, have also closed off Bluetooth and for the most mobile data because I am connected to WiFi almost all the time. If this affects the battery life significantly I do not know, but this gives me anyway a battery life of 4-5 days in the way I use the phone.

    The ecosystem is very good. Take a photo, write a note, add a new contact, etc and everything is automatically updated to your other i-units (provided that you have created up an iCloud account). Very smoothly, especially if you have bought a new mobile phone from Apple and want to update the phone with their contacts, notes, photos and more. All that is required is your email address, and then it's ready.

    Apple is investing very much on the environment and avoiding the use of toxic substances in their products. They are also working very hard on all of their buildings will be powered by 100% renewable energy. According to a report by Greenpeace (go to the Greenpeace site and search: Apple tops examination) so topped the examination with regard to the reduction of environmental impact and is the only company (of the companies mentioned in the report) tidied away the toxins, not only from the handsets, but also from cables and other accessories.

    Now, I will take up a bit from some others have written:

    3kgt has written three reviews of the iPhone and it's basically the same bullshit: "Tested my friend's iPhone and it was just crap, it hung itself and the key broke. Poor performance and everything else is bad, too. "He has thereby set a very low score, whereas when it comes to Android phones, he set a very high rating.

    When it came to the iPhone 5S (one of the first 64-bit processor) when he stated that there were only three apps with support for this processor. At the same time, you could search Google and receive up items that had similar headline: "Eight 64-bit apps you should download". Thus an outright lie (or ignorance) on his part.

    3kgt type including iOS is limited. Well, for most users, so iOS sufficiently transparent. He writes that he has rootat his mobile, so guess he thinks that even his Note 3 felt limited and that he therefore rootade their mobile. The equivalent on the iPhone is that you jailbreak if one does not want it as much limited. Curiously, he did not mention anything about it? But of course it's just bullshit on his part.

    He claims that his Note 3 is faster and has better battery life. There are numerous tests that indicate that the Note 3 (also Note 4 for that matter) perform worse than the iPhone 6 in different tests. Instead, I'll write about it here so you can google yourself on the following:

    google: Geekbench browser
    and compare between the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. iPhone 6 crushers Note 3 mononuclear, and is even better when it comes polynucleate. Even in terms of Note 4 to perform the iPhone 6 significantly better in mononuclear, but not in polynucleate. But again, most of the apps running mononuclear, so I would rather take two strong cores than four / eight cores weaker because it provides a better user experience.

    Googling: Anandtech samsung note 4
    Further down the page you can choose to check the CPU, GPU, battery performance (and other things) and the results which do not show the 3kgt states. In many cases, the iPhone 6 performs better than the Note 3 and Note 4 does. Battery life is little and so, but not very bad there either.

    However, one can not rely completely on benchmark tests because Samsung has been accused of cheating, that clock up the processor when the benchmark test runs in order to get a better result. This uppklockning does not take place in a few other apps, but is merely a way to trick users to mobile is faster than it really is in common usage (google: Benchmark Samsung cheating).

    You can also google the following:
    Apple's iPhone 6 crowned the fastest mobile on the market
    youtube watch? v = 2kb6s7NTLbw
    iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy S5 vs. HTC One (M8) Speed ​​Test
    Video Shootout - iPhone 5S vs Samsung Note 3 - Slow-Mo

    The last video (Video Shootout) is between the iPhone 5S and Note 3 slow-motion, and Note 3 result there is horrible (if you check, be sure to have full screen so you can actually see the difference), to say the least, compared to the iPhone 5S. And then the iPhone 6 even better than the iPhone 5S is in slow motion.

    So there is nothing that supports 3kgts assertion that Note 3 would have a better performance than the iPhone 6, but it is pure bullshit (or ignorance) on his part.

    More than that, so when it comes to Samsung so not only did they deceive their own customers (cheating regarding benchmark tests), they make fun of users of other mobile phones in their promotional videos, been sued by the Brazilian government for violations of working conditions in 2013 (google : Brazil sues Samsung over labor violations), was voted as the third worst company in the world in 2012 (google: Samsung Voted as third Worst Company Worldwide), accused of having caused cancer (including deaths) among their workers because they use toxic substances in their production and products (google: Samsung Finally apologizes To Workers Who Got Cancer While Making Chips), according to Greenpeace's latest report (go to Greenpeace site and search: Apple tops examination) so Samsung has chosen to unravel earlier promises to phase out toxic chemicals and a lot more.

    That one can possibly recommend a Samsung product is to me inconceivable considering that miserable company Samsung is currently both ethically and environmentally. But I suppose that those who advocate Samsung products are very ignorant, extremely fanboys, or bought by Samsung.

    Regardless, the 3kgt accuse me of being a hater / lover is just comical. He advocates a mobile (Note 3), which is worse in much of everything, from a company (Samsung) which, among other things, fooling their own customers, using various toxins in their products while he puts the highest rating on their Samsung-reviews and largely lowest rating on Apple reviews from a company (Apple) who work hard to reduce the environmental impact and where their mobiles are performing better overall than all the other phones in the market. Comic said.
  • Erinomainen
    Had the phone for a while and very happy overall except that it hangs sometimes when to write, will have to restart it. The camera is good, yes, most of it is simple.
  • Hyvä
    Good. But a bit too expensive as usual with Apple.
  • Erinomainen
    Very good phone, fast and stylish!
  • Täydellinen
    Troubled good phone. You get what you pay for simply, a very good product. 16GB is more than enough for me. Quick, good images and much much apps to choose from.
  • Täydellinen

    Got this phone on my birthday and it is absolutely stunning. Do use my iPhone for a day now and have not found anything negative. This is the most wonderful phone to keep in right now on the market.
  • Hyväksyttävä
    Bent like a banana after minimal use for 2 days. Cell phone in the front pocket of the jeans.

    + The camera is improved and the size of the mobile is right.

    A little boring, no major differences compared to my 5a that I will continue to use.
  • Erittäin hyvä
    Starts to become a bit expensive ... like 4s
  • Täydellinen
    I love it. But I don't have one. I really want one. They look amazing and I absolutely love apple. If you have an old iPhone you could give away email I really want one so much!
  • Hyvä
    Good phone, the camera is probably the best on a cell phone right now and the performance leaves nothing to be desired. However, it has its shortcomings. The phone is just too slippery and the battery is quite bad. The screen is good, but there are better on the market. Does not recommend the 16GB model, a phone that costs over 6000 SEK should only have room for a few more apps, music and some pictures before it gets full it feels not affordable, especially considering that the memory is not going to expand.
    Buy 64GB model, definitely worth the extra cost.
  • Erinomainen
    You will be very pleased if you like Apple. If you want more bang for the buck you should check out the Lumia phones or LG G3 / 4.

    Deduct a star for battery life. It is not so good. Had an LG G2 before and I could use for 2-3 days without recharging. This can not cope with a full day of talks / social media and little surf.
  • Huono
    From having used both Lumior and Samsung phones, it feels iPhone as a fan of the story. Certainly quite fast (not like the other phones) but very limited in its design and insanely unproductive. Many things that go easy on Sam's Kid's simply really complicated on the iPhone (not least finding things). If you want simplicity Lumiorna feels like an obvious choice, and if you want performance and flexibility should look at Androidtelefonerna.

    Hard to see any great reason to have an iPhone at all actually. Now have tried and now I have changed it away!
  • Erinomainen
    Good mobile that gets everything done without lag. Ios 8 is fine now everything runs like butter. Battery time is passing my hands all day and when I surf, listening to Spotify play games and check on youtube.
    Very good camera better than many mobiles in the market now and good speakers.

    If you are looking for a mobile that is not malfunctioning, buy an iphone. Are certainly better mobiles. But that Apple is good at is to update their devices to the latest software and I give them 10 stars
  • Erittäin hyvä
    Awesome good phone!
  • Täydellinen
    Have had the iPhone since iPhone 3G / 3GS and gone through all models. This was a pretty big difference between the models. It was well enough primarily the size that made it felt like the "biggest step" between iPhone models. The screen is amazing, like the size and the design is always clean as with anything Apple makes.
  • Tuskin hyväksyttävä
    Super phone, but for the money you get little. It has a decent screen with pixel density of 300, 4.7 inch screen. The things that put down the character's price and Osen, thought it is too little you can do in relation to android. The screen can be crushed incredibly easy so advise you to buy a glass protection immediately. Otherwise looks phone incredibly pretty and thin out so there is half the grade.
  • Täydellinen
    Top Phone!