Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920F 32GB

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  • Täysin hyödytön
    Really bad phone, and then I, contrast with the LG G3 and Galaxy S4A ..
    Tightening Samsung ...
    Looking to return it seriously, 5000 SEK for this shameful ..
    Mvh really disappointed buyers
  • Hyvä
    Best phone I had, it was time to trade up from S3 that will not get Lollipop. Lock with Fingerprint works cleanly mm. mm.
  • Täydellinen
    When have I had this mobile for 2 years and am very satisfied.
    The screen is amazing, the sound level is good, the camera is very good.
    Over the years I've had it, it's only been a bad thing that led the cell phone and it's that the battery is weak. I leave it about 3-4 times a day. But otherwise I am very pleased.
  • Melko hyvä
    Update April 2017
    After a software update was battery unbelievably bad, I had to charge the cell phone several times a day. Without using the phone, it fell from 100% to 65% in a few hours. I am now the factory reset and really hope it helps. It is no more than a year old and it has had some problems that I honestly do not think that such an expensive phone you have. On top of this, the power button has become mute. Pins 2 stars.
    Update January 2017
    Having now had the phone since April. The problems with robotic voices and that I could not receive SMS was dissolved by a factory reset. The phone is still, not laggy. The negative aspects are home key that does not feel super stable, the lack of waterproofing and memory slot that I actually miss.
    Have had the phone for about half a year. I think the battery life is okay, not bad or great. I drive with automatic brightness, everything on (BT, position, mobile data, etc.). The battery will last one day if I do not use the phone too much.

    Since the last update is a problem sometimes in conversation: voices sound like robotic voices. This will reportedly be fixed by Samsung. Soon I hope!

    We'll start with the good:

    - Now (Dec. 2016), you get a great phone at a great price.
    - Handsome!
    - Big, beautiful screen.
    - Quick.
    - Good camera. Taking great pictures. Front Camera images are not grainy.
    - Good sound of the speakers

    The negative:
    - Call interrupted often, because I can access the buttons with ear / cheek.
    - No place for SD cards (though it did before I bought).
    - A little too big to fit in my jeans.
    - Too big to use with one hand.
    - Micro Laggar little sometimes. But it does not interfere so much.
    - Sometimes it restarts itself.
  • Hyväksyttävä
    Had this for 7 months now and I'm very happy! clearly one of the better phones, but it was a little pricey thereof grade.
  • Erinomainen
    Had phone for over a year now and it is by far the best phone I have had. Battery life could well have been any better but no there are big opportunities that I choose the same phone again next time. Never quote system slightly over the year I've had the experienced anything silly with it. Has it lost in tile flooring up to several times and just waiting to see a broken screen, but no! I can not think of anything negative at this phone
  • Hyväksyttävä
    Battery life is discarded.
    Otherwise, a good Android.
  • Hyvä
    Good mobile, fast and so but wn thing I do not understand ... Why would they remove water density and memory card reader? S5: an have it, and s7-ball too ?! That makes no sense .....
  • Hyvä
    Prints only briefly

    + screen
    + fast charge
    + camera
    + fast
    + Fingerprint reader (for some extra configuration)
    + wireless charging
    + Standards
    + Very accessories
    + easy to switch to another phone from the VA easy to get apps and everything

    -batteritiden had that on most other could be better
    -A bit too high price

    Update: pulled of a star then I do not sometimes even manage a working battery which even begins to make me want to switch phones, a phone, huh how good the want of other points, but do not keep the battery then it's wasted anyway .. .
  • Erittäin hyvä
    Be very sure when I bought this mobile phone. Have not been a big fan of Samsung earlier.

    But I have to say that mobile phones have not had any problems yet, after six months of use. It's rap, has OK battery life, is very stylish and has a good price now that it is a generation old.

    However, I can not give full credit due. The software that comes with your phone that you can not uninstall completely. However, most of it goes to "disabla", which is quite ok.

    I can also recommend apps "Nova Launcher" if you do not like Samsung's design.
  • Hyvä
    Before this phone I had an Xperia Z3 Compact was also a good phone.
    Have had my S6 in a number of months now and I'm partly to mostly pleasantly surprised. Thought drive +/-

    + The screen is incredibly sharp and detailed. The color reproduction can not be better than it is, thanks to OLED technology. Saves current needed since it has a high resolution.

    + The camera takes very good pictures in all light conditions. Good that you can choose if you want to focus, ISO, contrast, etc. manually. Video recording is outstanding good and much better than my Xperia as '' wipe out '' the colors in certain lighting conditions. The only thing I have to complain that you can only play in slow motion at 720p, which looks very blurred on the screen. Would also appreciate if there was a manuall fashion in video recording also.
    Update: When opening the camera '' vibrates '' it and you will not focus on the first five seconds esters. This happened seven months after purchase.

    + Build quality, I like strong. It always keeps in metal or glass which feels very premium. However, I do not like glasbaksidan which is a fingerprint magnet. Would be better if it was in leather instead of glass, but I still have a skin.
    The buttons are kliggiga and properly positioned.

    + The phone is very fast and plastering, however, slow to open some games and third-party apps.
    Update: It became slower with time and experienced '' tough '' today.

    + Trådlösladding and fast loading, easy and it works as it should.
    Update: Sometimes stops the download of a sudden, very annoying when it has only 30% for the night.

    + Fingerprint Reader, but it counts as standard on today's flagship.

    No less even. Some think it is bad with no memory card readers and non-removable battery, but it is not needed to Samsung makes up for it with quick charge and 32GB as standard.

    Recommend this awesome phone!
    Update: 10 stars in the beginning, 7 stars now.
  • Täydellinen
    Driving this phone for a year and it has not yet reached a phone that beats the fingers for price / performance!
  • Täysin hyödytön
    After five trips to the workshop during 1.5år I finally got the money back to the handset. DO NOT BUY! Software bugs a lot and if you are unlucky, you get a device that drops a lot of calls but you will be informed. And the service did not discover this!
  • Hyväksyttävä
    Bug and the worst battery life ugh
  • Erittäin hyvä
    After running the "150-gram mare" and 5.5 tumsphablet it is nice with a smoother handset.
    the best are:
    • size, design
    • amazing battery features (extremely low minimum "nattbrightness" empty black and white, app optimization similar to "doze". The right to disable the Google play and then get out 100tim on one charge!)

    better can be:
    • slippery back (algae wraps!)
    • 4G reception
    • more natural, readable IPS / LCD Monitor

    Bonus: 100Gb onedrive!
    Update, 2016-Sept.
    Deduct a star for the update to Android v6.0.
    The energy saving functions have deteriorated.
    Gråskalefunktionen more difficult to use because you can no longer turn off the shortcut "double-click the Camera" (but keep the triple click Grayscale).
    "Doze" is true, but only works when the phone is eye-still.
    Samsung's power-saving function seems to conflict with the process "Android OS" that usually eats up the battery (despite my many factory resets and apps). Think Google made android6 more vehemently that constantly send information to the "parent company" (rather than to prioritize battery saving features). Do you care if the battery is perhaps only iOS to choose from ...
  • Melko hyvä
    Have had my late it was released and is pleased with everything except the battery. Really great screen and amazing camera. However, the battery life is beneath contempt. Need to charge it at least twice a day and will be out at night you have to make sure that it is charged to 100% before, that it has the power saving mode enabled and do not surf / filming / photographing something in the evening. If you are lucky, you have someone percent battery left when it's bedtime. If you sit o surfing during such a train journey is the battery pack in about 2 hours.
  • Hyvä
    Bought it for the 26th August 2016 at a great price in Switzerland, came with Android 6.0.1

    - Is not a day in battery life, the right lousy battery life.
    - Bluetooth reception is considerably much worse than SGS5, my BT headset that works perfectly with SGS5 / iPad Air 2, barely works when I have it in the back pocket of jeans.
    Speaker is is very easy to bribe the case holding the phone wrong
    -Keeps One another way of adding BT ..

    + Great camera
    + Stylish
    + Quick
    + Completely interfered good screen.

    Hard to give it more rating, despite the positive, BT + Battery life is quite important things for me, battery life, I realize I have chosen the wrong phone for me, but BT with poor coverage compared to last is the right state of disrepair
  • Melko hyvä
    Quick, good screen, good camera, good GPS, good WIFI and other wireless connections.

    The bad battery. The price. Android. The Menu button is actually plastic.
  • Erinomainen
    Have had the phone for 1.5 years now and it has kind never hung. Run Nova Launcher instead of Touchwiz.

    good size
    Rapp and stable.
    The camera. Both photos and video will be good. I'll almost never with me SLR camera or my Sony RX100 longer.
    The button locations.
    The fingerprint reader.
    Battery life is quite okay for the update that arrived six months ago. Have about two days, but do not play games.

    The glass on the back. Have got a crack after the spigot.
    The sound is okay from the speaker but rather wash term.
  • Täysin hyödytön
    Buggy, slow and useless battery. I will never buy a Samsung again.
  • Täydellinen
    Stunning screen, great camera, super fast, good battery life and perfectly shaped. Max grade!
  • Hyväksyttävä
    I have deliberately waited to give rating. Has now had mobile phones for more than 1 year. In the beginning, the battery lasted for almost 2 days. It was approved and then some. After about 3 months, lasted about 1 day. Then a few months back the battery will last about half a day! It's pitiful. When I do not do much with it either. There have been similar with a former Samsung so the next time it may be a different manufacturer then I do not think it is acceptable to have a large enough deterioration.

    Otherwise Sure stylish, good display, fast charging is very good and very good camera. Sony mobiles are also good camera, it is their area. Leaning therefore that way next time.
  • Hyväksyttävä
    After a year, gave up the camera, it did not focus at all so had to leave it. Then they said to me that, unfortunately, is a common fault with the right s6. Would therefore recommend a s7 because it lacks the problem :)
  • Huono
    How can it not support sd card ??
  • Hyväksyttävä
    There are two good things about this phone.
    * The camera is without a doubt the best I've had in a phone (better than Sony Z1).
    * The screen is fantastic

    Then I have nothing more positive to mention.

    The screen protector that I bought a Samsung original that you put the phone in and "protect" the screen with a piece of plastic as it falls over.
    The major problem with security is that it repaired the screen! Probably because the cover is made of hard plastic and rubbing against the screen when the phone is in your pocket.

    I also have an annoying bug in the phone that occur randomly. All of a sudden, the phone starts to live his own life by himself repeatedly click the button to recently used applications and try to split screen. Disappears by itself after a while but can drive one to insanity if you are typing a text message or email.

    After a few months of use ends 4G to work while talking on the phone. It can be solved by reinstalling the phone but it is not is particularly attractive because all the apps and settings are lost.
  • Täydellinen
    good phone used over a week now way better than previous versions and got a freat price just after s7 released. still think this is a way better deal than the S7 at the moment.
  • Melko hyvä
    Coming from a Lumia 930, where there may not be as many apps (yet) but it worked great with w10m and the response compared to this.

    Fingerprint reading? Yes, but some say. Works every third time, and then there will be code anyway.
    The keyboard? Well, it's good if you can write eg the letter a, without having to press several times!
    Have done hardresets but it gets better. No, it goes into a workshop and wheat hell if I want it back.

    On the plus side, the screen is good and the apps, but nothing more.
    Read about a solution! Now I have a good phone!
    Edit 2:
    Feel for the Lumian again and devils what beauties screen is on, and fluency is actually better than android. Let's see how I do with Sam's Kid.
  • Hyvä
    Great phone. Has an semi ok battery life which could be improved but other then what it is a fantastic phone
  • Melko huono
    This phone get me to thinking about buying the iPhone again. It closes by itself 20 times a day, the sound can plösligt disappear, alarms work 3 of 5 daylight week. Restoring factory settings does not help either. It is enough trash for this, I return to but the HTC One M7 but a Nokia 5110 had been an improvement.
  • Täysin hyödytön
    + Stylish and feels luxurious and responsive interface. The phone hardware is great, albeit a little big.

    - Fully jam-packed of bloatware, lots of apps that you can not uninstall. I have still gone through a few phones, but this was a low point. No alternative software yet. The phone had easily got full marks if it went to choose a clean Android installation without all Samsung fluff. Expect a few notifications of day that you do not care about. In addition to Samsung's own apps to get a bunch of garbage but also favorites like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, which can not be uninstalled.
  • Tuskin hyväksyttävä
    Very good phone but the battery life means that you must have the battery saving mode the whole time and sometimes even dimmed the screen to huh sure it'll be fine. If for example, you wake up with a freshly charged phone so it can handle not to 8-9 o'clock in the evening after a normal working day. Can not recommend anyone to buy it because of this and can not even sell it Used in good conscience considering how bad it is. The problem is that as most people know, is the batteries better with age.
  • Erinomainen
    They changed me from a Samsung Galaxy S2 which was at the time ...
    So S2-ball is my reference but also the wife Iphone 6th

    The format of it is good but almost on the verge of great, want to be able to have it in a trouser pocket. Stunning screen and the glass in the screen feels quite durable. Have not yet installed any shelter to do it.

    The camera is really great and cruel rapid addition good light sensitivity.

    Do not become friends with fingerprint reader yet ... Do it all too often miss. Have tried to read the fingerprint several times but are not quite convinced yet.

    + Quick
    + Camera. Quick and even pictures in the dark get good results.
    + Build quality. There are no visible screws or loose skin. // See attached link
    + Screen. Fun to look at pictures and film. Provides a great picture in HD.
    + Battery life.
    + The charging time, cruelly fast to load fully.
    + The overall performance is very good

    -Fingeravtrycksläsare, Is not quite agree with it yet. Ville escape codes to take me into the cell phone but is not quite there yet ...
    - The size of the cell phone. It is a little big to have in your pocket and limit what I can hold in my hand.
    - Expansion possibilities. You can not expand the size of the storage space, no problem for me yet.
    - "Fixed" battery.

    In the big winner, and very, very big step has been made from S2-ball!
    However, did not materialize my really big AHA experience then a lot is the same from S2-ball, but usually with extensions, faster, better and prettier.
    Also had very high expectations! Most are also fulfilled.
    Like actually my wife's iPhone 6 which is fast and responsive with a good camera, never thought I'd admit it ;-)

    Wish a bit more of the fingerprint reader when it had become full pot.
    However, as has been the Galaxy S6 is my absolute buy recommendation!
    Really good at most things, actually miss nothing!
  • Erittäin hyvä
    Samsung S6 a very good and fast phone

    minus: the battery life runs out too quickly so there will not be a full pot
  • Täydellinen
    Now that I just got my s6 I have tested iphones and praised them but this surpasses everything I owned telephone and data path. An iPhone costs SEK 1,000 more expensive and is light years worse. I like the iPhone but this is something extra that iPhone does not have. Now, Samsung has created a masterpiece never iPhone again. I did not think it was any better than the iPhone after all the bragging when they get a new one. Buy this I promise you will never see the iPhone again
  • Hyvä
    Huge improvement from my S4, display is excellent and battery last longer. If only I could get rid of the nasty Samsung Apps!
  • Erinomainen
    + It will be very good pictures and videos with the camera when it focuses quickly, have optical image stabilization and high resolution. Videos at 60 frames per second with image stabilization is wonderful to see because all the movements which are displayed smoothly and evenly without hacking. (The three years older phone Galaxy S3 received many blurry pictures and jagged and shaky videos.)

    + You can start the camera by double clicking on the button on the front.

    + The screen is very good at displaying text and images.

    + You do not have to enter your password to download free apps and updates.

    + You can easily copy audio files with music and audio books (without going via iTunes that it was compelled to Apple iPhone).

    + It works very well with unlocking cell phone with fingerprint when the phone received a free update over the air.

    - You needed to update your phone to fingerprint the program should allow the finger in more angles and positions.

    - It is not always the phone comes out on fast internet. I do not know if it is because the internet signal is stopped for any building or on the phone's antenna should be better, or if the phone operators should have antennas in more places.
  • Täydellinen
    I Copt this after Samsung Galaxy S3'en my began to get tired. The first thing I must say is the improvement!

    The screen is fantastic. There's a Super AMOLED screen of 5.1 inches. The resolution is 2560 × 1440. This provides a pixel density of 577 ppi whole. Since this is an AMOLED screen is black level unbelievable and it is similar with the other colors too.
    The screen is also Gorilla Glass 4 which is one of the strongest mobile lenses on the market.

    The phone looks stunning. It has the good old Samsung-designed, but instead of being built in plastic it is built from aluminum and glass. In addition to the front is also the back deck of glass.

    S6en has good battery life. The battery is 2550 mAh on. The recharged in under 1 hour and a half with the supplied charger. In this phone battery can not be replaced. The phone also supports wireless charging. After trying it out, I use it all the time. I would recommend buying from IKEA, a furniture with wireless charging plate on. The charging time is when something longer.

    The camera on the phone is very good. The main camera is 16 megapixels, while in comparison, the iPhone 6 a 8 aperture is F1.9 giving brighter images. Front camera is 5 megapixels and can take quite ok selfies ol

    The phone comes with Android Lollipop. It allows the user experience strengthened and that things look cleaner. Samsung has also removed much bloatware and put it in an app where they can be downloaded.

    As Samsung Galaxy S5, this phone comes with Fingerprint Reader. Now the really improved. Simply put finger on the sensor and you are inside. May eventually fingerprint reader used with Samsung Pay which is a mobile payment service.

    The most impressive of the phone is its performance. It comes with a åttekjernet processor called Samsung Exynos 7420. This makes the phone quick. With 3GB ram is not multitasking a problem either.

    This is the best phone on the market, then ran and purchase!
  • Erinomainen
    Awesome phone! Took a S4 before, and construction quality increased enormously in this version! Fantastic display and performance! The battery is good and loads super fast! Until that pulls down the grade from Perfect is that it gets small scratches on the back at laddutaget. But it is a trifle!
  • Erittäin hyvä
    Excellent phone that meets all the requirements I have on it. Deserves at least 8 stars. Definitely a good buy no matter which phone you have before you are ready to pay.

    Very fast and stable. Handle virtually everything in writing. Is it not extremely Speed ​​Freak will be very far with this phone.

    5.1 inch is definitely enough for almost everything you want to do on a smartphone. It has very nice colors and good resolution. It will be bright enough to be used in the sunshine and can be dark enough to not be annoying in a dark context.

    Best camera on a phone today, according to many, including myself. Ideal to quickly take a picture of nature, your friend or yourself. Pictures are very nice with lots of detail and nice colors. They look great on the fine screen. The front camera is also one of the better ones. Have personally not so high requirements on it and it makes me more than happy

    The design:
    Very nice design. The phone is small enough in my hands (normal-sized). The phone, however, is very slippery and is easy to lose. If you are afraid of the phone should therefore have a scale. There is also no memory card slot, therefore you have to choose the right amount of memory, not a problem for me. The keys have a pleasant clicking sound and sits on the natural places. The speaker has been moved to the underside, which is not the best, but far better than the back as before. The sound quality gets approved but not great.

    Lasts about a day, fit for purpose according to me. I would rather phone charger every night and maintain a thinner design instead of a larger battery. The phone lacks a removable back which has no significance for me, but leads to the battery can not be replaced.

    TouchWiz is still TouchWiz, but it has improved with less bloatware, and fewer of the features that nobody used. It is not up to Google's verison, but is fully operational. Minus points for the Samsung are slow to release new versions.

    The fingerprint reader works great when you have figured out where to put your finger which can be a bit tricky. It is not the fastest but is faster a second reading methods such as passwords and PIN. The headphones that come with the box's definitely nothing to brag about but works pretty well for listening to music on her way to the bus and talk on the phone.
  • Täydellinen
    I've had the phone in now 2 months, here are some posetive and negative aspects of the phone:

    -Elegant Camera
    -Fantastic Screen
    -Good Speed ​​(on really everything)

    -Tro Me, nothing wrong with this phone
  • Erinomainen
    Make an effort to give a review after about three weeks of use. May change over time. Previously owned galaxy s3, s5 and the HTC One to provide any kind of reference point.

    So far I am more than satisfied! Finally, Samsung has succeeded with quality! The phone is extremely comfortable to hold and feels extremely stable. The downside to the back of the glass is that the phone is as slippery as an eel. Tried to put a skin from dbrand at the back and it definitely helps.

    Touchwiz then !? Well thank you, hard to say that it is good but it has become fantastically much better. Does not feel nearly as bloatat previous Galaxy phones I owned. I can even put up with it and has not even glanced at custom roms.

    Many write about battery life and either updates solved a lot of these problems or I do something wrong because I think that the battery life is quite ok, had more problems with my s5 to take me through a whole day.

    Other big plus is, among other things. a. The screen is fantastic, once you go (AMOLED) black, you never go back, and even the camera. Both images and video is great!

    So far, I have nothing major to complain about. Back in the glass feels a little silly when the whole phone could each metal and TouchWiz will always be the TouchWiz :) I am satisfied anyway!
  • Melko huono
    History of the Galaxy S3 and Z3 compact. This model is sleek and functional. Provides however, no quality feel. Battery life is like most here mentions, for all the criticism when it does not it is possible to have an extra battery.
  • Erinomainen
    I had a Galaxy s3 in 2 years I hated. After that, I enjoyed the LG G2 and OnePlus One. Samsung Galaxy S6 screams quality, both inside and outside. The phone feels good in the hand and can be used in a hand (could use my OnePlus in a hand, but god what a difference). Touchwiz has evolved so good! Looks fine, themes are if one wants to play with it, floating on nice and everything just works. The camera is incredible, I'm no camera man but here I have nothing to complain about except that selfie camera has a beauty fashion even though you turn it off.

    Battery: the most important point. Doing its job. It is far from the best, but even without charging midday hair itself after a working day. Wireless charging and quick charging is, however, one of the best I have experienced. I hated the arguments before I bought the phone, but I still had with me a charger to work when I had my OPO so it makes no difference that way. But now I can put it on a plate, which goes quite automatically.
    Recommended! *
  • Hyvä
    Had the handset for a while and now I can probably give a rating. It is good and it has never malfunctioned. Everything is going well, and even games. However so inviting, they probably do something exciting. except multi-window. Like it's aluminum chassis, otherwise it would have probably not kept the times I dropped it. It gets a little ugly hack only. The sound is good but the sound goes through the speaker so I often have a finger in the way, especially if you play the game.
  • Hyvä
    Awesome happy with the phone. The screen is without doubt the best I have seen in a mobile and the quality in general is phenomenal. While the camera is outstanding.
    Have hard to put me on, which in itself is a good grade ☺
    After a few months of use I pull a couple of stars because of dull software, is tough and weird after a while. Had this been released with vanilla android had received full marks!
  • Täydellinen
    We bought this on Black Friday, and it's absolutely fantastic. can definitely recommend it.
  • Erinomainen
    Went from a Sony Xperia Z 3 as in software had no problems, however, the screen went down every five minutes.
    But what I can say about the S6, after two days of use is that it really is super!
    The phone feels solid and breathes quality, nice to Samsung finally went from plastic to aluminum!

    + Camera
    + Android 5.1 -> soon Android 6.0
    + Screen, really good!
    + Low weight
    + Good design
    + TouchWiz

    - The camera can be distracting when it sticks out at the back.
    - TouchWiz

    Why TouchWiz came in both +/- has to do with them has clearly improved since earlier.
  • Täydellinen
    So far so good. This phone is perfect in every way.
  • Täydellinen
    Best Cell Phone!
  • Hyvä
    OK. But it feels a little bulky compared to the iPhone 6. Do both jobs / private. Android / Samsung OS feels a bit childish in design, I think.

    Battery life is no picnic, and still do not know how I get push mail from a address