SteelSeries Rival 300

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  • Melko hyvä
    + Precise mouse, good for games that require high accuracy, such as CS. Fit good resistance to the substrate.
    + Good software to change DPI settings and color. Conveniently, the settings are stored on the mouse itself and not on the PC.
    - Could have been more comfortable.
    -Very easy to get past the scroll wheel.
  • Huono
    Right size. Very good sensor for money.

    Loses contact so that you have to change the USB port for it to start again. Occasionally fun when you are in the middle of a MP game. Fixed, this will increase the grades to 8a.
  • Erinomainen
    Excellent mouse!

    After my SteelSeries Ikari died so I borrowed my brother SteelSeries Rival temporarily and after an hour of use, I was sold on this! Was going to Kjell and buy one immediately. It's a really nice mouse with good response and the exact resistance of keystrokes to me. Even the build quality feels top. I have tested / reviewed ~ 25 mice over the years - some bad but also a lot of good. This belongs without doubt the absolute top of the latter!

    Very simple and stylish design that fits next to your LED illuminated chassis as well as in the office and everything in between. Simple seems to be the watchword for Rival 300 for even the software is very easy to use, user-friendly and straightforward. SteelSeries has not grötat to it as it unfortunately often with gaming products now. Through the software, you can easily turn off the lights if you are like me and do not want to have lots of things that glow, blink and interferes with the gaming or work.

    Looking for light at the logo and the scroll wheel (it's on the factory) so you have the opportunity to adapt these individually to suit your taste. Steady, pulsing light or pulsating, changing the color and speed of pulses making is so easy to change as your grandmother would be able to set it! And it also applies to the remaining settings in the software Hz, DPI / CPI and so on.

    The Rival 300 is the optical sensor Pixart PMW3310, and it does its job to perfection. It is precise and can handle all the cards without any problem. When it comes to precision I do not think it can get better. If someone complains about it so it's rather "crap behind the controls" as they say.

    I've used it for over six months now and shows no signs of throwing in the towel. If there's one thing with this mouse I think is a minus, it's scroll wheel. There is very little, but I get the feeling that it might have been slightly svampigare since purchase. We're talking here an extremely small change along with much use, this feels good with two year warranty, however. But I think it is enough to pull off a star when I do not experience it as absolutely 100% perfect.

    Conclusion: SteelSeries Rival 300 is the perfect mouse for all right-handed! You can have it in the office or LAN. Playing computer games at a high level where all rapid movements must be read properly or for someone who just wants a nice, sleek and stylish mouse for web browsing and work for a very reasonable price! Highly recommended!
  • Erittäin hyvä
    I bought the black version for 250 SEK on Elgiganten.
    Good sensor.
    Good size (from person to person)
    Lightweight (unlike my old DeathAdder).

    The bad scrolling wheel (jumps without brushing against it).
    Some bugs with the included software (mouse crash when updating the firmware, etc., must be pulled out o start).

    Conclusion: 250 is a nobrainer, but for so SEK 500 is better mice (see ZOWIE ec2, DeathAdder chroma and G502)
  • Erinomainen
    Really good mouse for 300 SEK.
    Feels stable and is good for a medium hand
  • Hyvä
    I switched from Razer Deathadder 2013 at this time Razern began to loose.

    Just when I got home that I experienced it as a bit odd in shape. Just like if you go back to the old classic Microsoft IE 3.0 so it feels like a bit long in the palm of your hand compared to Deathaddern. It puts more clearly next to the part of the hand that is on the mouse pad, at least for me.

    After using it for a few days disappeared this feeling that shape deviated to the negative, and I got on very well with it after that. The pattern of the thumb is really good and gives great friction despite little hand sweating. Left- and right-click the other hand, is very much smoother and becomes even more polished with time. There is a clear negative.

    Another minus is that it has no cord cable, without regular cable. However, I can not express myself about whether it is better or worse than the cord.

    7/10 - absolutely acceptable!
  • Melko huono
    Good precision, nice shape and seems to be good quality.

    BUT, the grade is because it turns off all the time, and must be disconnected and set to work again.
  • Erinomainen
    Driven by DeathAdder Chroma before this
    Rival 300 gunmetal gray.
    More comfortable for me running the palm grip and likes a slimmer gaming mouse that reminds me anyway if MX518.
    When my hand is 19 cm long and 9.5 cm wide.
  • Hyvä
    Rival 300 [Gunmetal Gray] will refresh.

    20,5x10cm my hand under RJNs measurement method and I'm using a palm grip.
    It fits well on the length of sometimes wish it was a little higher, or that it had a support on the left side. Ring and little finger touch pad sometimes.

    The buttons are slightly spongy to the bottom of the reward buttons. Feels not so fun to click, but never thought of it when I played. The front side button needs a little more power to press the (varying between copies) than the rear but I rarely use that button anyway.

    The mouse seems to glide with a small scraping sound against the mat but acceptable.

    The mouse wheel twists part but apparently steps. And along with the scraping sound of mouse feet so this is no quiet mouse.

    The lighting effects are okay, the red color is not as colorful as the red color on my Asus Gladius and both have the problem that the entire logo where the reverse is not evenly illuminated. Other colors such as light green and light blue look great contrast (the rival's).

    The cable is made of plastic and feels more flexible than the fabric-covered cable on my Gladius.

    The software is easy to use and have not encountered any bugs yet.

    !UPDATE! The mouse wheel has now begun to squeak part, should complain (lowers rating of 1 star of the moment).

    ! UPDATE! Got that the claimed at PC World, the new piece creaks not (yet) and the front side button is much easier to squeeze.
  • Melko hyvä
    Good mouse if you like intel Mouse 3.0, what is bad is that the rubber on the sides crumbles very easily
  • Hyvä
    Requires large hands, unfortunately. Got it in exchange for a Rival 100 that the deal could not change (not in stock). Now wants Rival 100 again .....

    The full-sized hands, and leans normally the bottom of the hand on the mouse pad. It is not really in this, then it really is so great that one should rest the whole hand on it.

    Everything else is okay, but I give it 3 minus for both the hand and the risk that SteelSeries mice failed three times to me in a very short time now. Run them still because I get new ....
  • Täydellinen
    Very nice mouse (more comfortable than the Logitech Performance MX and similar high mice) that works perfectly on Mac (OSX 10) SteelSeries own program running quietly in the background and has many fine adjustments.
    NOTE! It is possible to completely shut it "cool" light on the mouse. But you can also freely change the color of the light on both the scroll wheel and the front!

    I bought the SteelSeries QcK Mini Mousepad I warmly recommend! Previously held the "regular" size of the Mini, but is at least as large as an old traditional mouse and is less in the way.

    (Had previous problems with involuntary double click with all Logitech Mice on the Mac, but after 2 months of use has SteelSeries never malfunctioned! Finally I can move files and work in Photoshop / Logic Pro without any hassle: D)

    499 SEK is definitely worthy, that you'll notice in the quality!

    Samanfattningsvis I would say that this is the best corded (no delay or hassle with batteries) mouse for the Mac (and PC?)
  • Erittäin hyvä
    After 10 years gave up my Logitech G5; (Best Mouse I have owned! Has been difficult to find a replacement but rival 300 is worthy!

    Have played CS 1.2 and then rub CS: GO daily. Have great skuas and run semi-claw grip when I rifflar. When I awpar kloar something more. The mouse is perfect for FPS, the review below will teach has been an odd one.

    Personal minus
    Is that the thumb buttons are somewhat sensitive, which was difficult to get used to, but starting to get the hang of it now.

    The mouse's light in the game changed in the common setup, seems to be something bug with the software.
  • Huono
    Do not know where to start really. I am a person who buys new equipment very often and have therefore used very many mice before this.

    This mouse is said to be good for FPS games, which are mostly games with fast movements, which is something that this mouse does not pallets. Fast movements left or right often results in their sights is quickly at the bottom center of the screen and you are then in the game, and looking straight into the ground. Have lost many duels in eg CS because of this.

    Another problem that arises frequently is also to scroll slowly rotates by itself, causing sometimes activated scroll itself. I use the scroll that jump button in many games and this makes then that I unwillingly jumps now and then but that I myself use the button.

    This means that I will not use this mouse any more, and it goes immediately into the store, among other debris.
  • Erittäin hyvä
    the mouse is really good in the hand
    Torn relatively quickly
    High precision
  • Täydellinen
    Noticed a big difference between this and Mionix Naos 7000 when I drove a little CS: GO. It reacts better, much more comfortable to hold and the length is perfect for my hands because I drive the palm grip.
  • Hyvä
    Ever since the first Rival appeared on the market, I have been eager to buy, but I thought the price was a bit too high.
    A while ago I found Rival 300 at a really good price, 329kr and felt that now was time to buy.
    I had very high expectations of this mouse when I passed the next two years and wondered and been and tried in the store several times, it sat really like a glove in your hand.
    But when you then got it home and tried it became a complete anticlimax. The mouse seemed too easy. Hal was also and it felt as if the back of the mouse was too low so you could not keep your mouse in the palm.
    It ended with a cramp in his hand after an hour of play.
    Gave the mouse a couple of chances before I ordered something new. Would like to thank for its generous guarantee which meant that I had the chance to try three mice before I regretted my purchase and sent back to complete.

    But what I thought otherwise about the mouse?

    Quiet usage. It is the quietest and least creaking of the mouse I could try (Corsair Sabre, the Logitech G402 and the Logitech G502), which ensures a good quality.
    Try is also, in a very subdued manner. Not at all flashy as most gaming mice and it is really appreciated. The lighting effects can conjure a bit of, quite fun.
    Had good measure of a weight system so you could have the weight as it is all too easy for my taste. 20-30 grams to had felt right.

    It is a great pity that it does not really suit my hand, because I had really been looking forward to this product and still think it is a top choice. But not for me.
  • Täysin hyödytön
    There is not much a basic mouse needs to do to be ok, and I mean only ok. But SteelSeries Rival 300 can not do this, how do I do with the (drivers / firmware) to the so ends the work almost every time you reposition your mouse when you lift it in a few seconds. Totally unacceptable.
  • Erinomainen
    The mouse is perfect for me, glove size 9 (the ref)

    Finds no direct fault than, owned it for a few days. I noticed a considerable precision difference between this and my old G500 at the same cpl / dpi, to the advantage of Rival 300 ...
  • Melko hyvä
    it might have been fps, but not the same grip as the Logitech G500.
  • Täydellinen
    mouse is perfectly shaped for your hand in comparison to the SteelSeries Kinzu and sensei raw. Side buttons are both perfectly positioned and is sufficiently hard to prevent accidental clicking when you only touch the keys lightly.

    What was awesome and very different in comparison to all other puree that I previously had is that you can with this look by using the color of logoan or scrollens led lights how much money and HP (life) you have in the game such as CS GO where red is low and green is high.
  • Erinomainen
    Very pleased! Good grip and "moderate" many buttons. Fast and accurate readings. Adaptable very much.
  • Melko hyvä
    My old workhorse MX518 (Logitech) would be replaced and the choice fell after a little research on this. I have large hands (strlk9) and this is just right for me.

    This mouse you rest your palm on the whole and it suits me perfectly.
    The choice of material outside of the mouse is very comfortable for your hand. A little rubbery surface. Not glossy plastic on the MX518 making mouse messy after a while. So thumbs up for that.
    The buttons feel solid and tummknapparna on the left side sits well. The mouse wheel is clear clicks so you never have to hesitate on whether the scroller "made right" :)

    Plugged in mouse and brought home the latest software from SteelSeries. Once started with the so-date the mouse's firmware. Clear instructions where :)
    Some snitsigt that you can adjust the colors of the logo at the rear of the mouse and the mouse wheel. You can color match with ev. other computer equipment have: P
    Is the function of the game where colors can simulate health or money in different games but you've got your hand on the mouse so it does not look it anyway. Fun gimmick guess.

    It has happened twice now that the mouse suddenly stop working. It shines as it should, but the pointer does not move. I had to unplug the USB cable and put it back and then did it again. One time it happened when I put into the software. Second time in a game. My computer is almost new and has worked flawlessly with the old mouse.
    So it feels a bit like that, actually. Have had -98 pc ago and has never been involved in a mouse stopped working, just like that :(

    But it is comfortable to use, and when it works;) it does so without problems. It feels just and responsive.
    I give the mouse 6 stars for the strike twice gratuitously, otherwise it had received 8-9 stars.
  • Melko hyvä
    Suitable for people with large hands and that like the palm grip, a little too wide ass, however, and the mouse buttons are a bit too slow