Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller S - White (Xbox One/PC) (Original)

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  • Täydellinen
    A solid quality product with good precision. Connects quickly, easily and automatically to the Xbox. Long range, long battery life and smart features such as audio jacks for headphones. Like that it is available in white, so you can find it easily.
  • Erinomainen
    Bought this with Xbox One - Play & Charge Kit and Wireless Adapter for Windows.
    To play the game Tomb Raider on your computer via the Nvidia Shield on television.
    Love Xbox One hand controls.
    Can only think "Play & Charge Kit" should comply with standard controllers.
  • Erinomainen
    Bought 2. Connects smoothly and no problems range (handle about 10m) to a PC with USB Bluetooth dongle from Kjelle.

    They changed them to my Xbox One Wireless adapter solution and everything works so much better now.

    Works prefect in all games (Steam) and has a new queue structure on the bottom for better grip and less sweat.
  • Hyvä
    Bought this (v3) to my PC to replace my wireless Xbox 360 controller.

    Mainly support for bluetooth, it was that made me buy this, then you do not have to pay extra for a PC receiver and avoid bulky adapter.

    Super Smooth to connect wirelessly directly to their laptop or Windows 10 tablet for a little smålir on the go. Sitting on the train with its windows 10 tablet + Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter with 2 meter cord + handset does not feel relevant. Tablet + controller directly (without adapters, receivers, etc.), however, feels absolutely fungerbart.

    Deduction of points when it unlike 360 ​​control-configuration required in some games and it works of course Bluetooth experience is not always perfect. The first day when I drove it worked great, at least as good as with the propertiära xbox wireless connection. Second day floundered somewhat, with some lags in control now and then if I had an unobstructed view (3m) up to the desktop computer. However, much better than my old bluetooth controller.

    EDIT: yes, it is now quite clear that the Bluetooth reception is clearly inferior to the Xbox's own wireless solution, despite the use of external USB 4.2 Bluetooth adapter from Asus. Where the Xbox's own solution works quite well with 100% despite much interference from other equipment will begin bluetooth connection sway a few feet away if you do not have an unrestricted view. This varies safe from case to case depending on what you have bluetooth receiver, another disorder, etc., but generally speaking thus clearly inferior range.