Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

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  • Täydellinen
    Small updates may seem, if you look a little fast on the specs but 5d has become very good and solid. MKIII was really good but MKIV feels more complete and may be the most all-round småbildskameran market.
    Had MkIII a few years and sold to test the mirror loose (Olympus em-10) and it was really fun but lacked a "real" camera sometimes. Hard to put your finger on but experienced some distance between me, the objects and the camera. So it had to be a 5Div.

    New sensor outperforms previous especially in more demanding conditions.
    The camera feels very fast and responsive, short shutter law and mirror black out
    Af better in low light
    Af better at moving objects
    GPS and Wi-Fi (stable connection and good app)
    Touch screen with higher resolution, very good touch and great image quality
    Dual Pixel Focus in live view, quick and smooth
    Many other small additions and improvements make it a very nice camera. This I will keep a long time!
  • Täydellinen
    Canon 5D Mark III

    Canon! Finally, you are here with a new modern sensordisign.
    I have waited many years for this camera and I say thank Canon
    and lucky that I waited a long time for the totally satisfied yet?
    For me it does not matter with the 4K. is a little worse. I'm not interested in 4K as I said in my
    bring Mk III. I was right but I understand those who want to buy a film 4k camera then.
    I want a camera without film. Enough about that, a fantastic camera with 30 pixels
    it makes you that I can use my computer and do not buy a pig expensive for all teams
    Cannon good the plus that it does not take up so much of my drives great!
    And I do not need more pixels so it is just. I've had it for a while now and will try to describe what I feel about it. When I got it in my hand the first time and start using it, I was sold already, such a power quiet and powerful Kamra with all intällningar and image quality with Anu powerful workhorse that a 240 volvo was ... 4K is not the best but good enough if you manage with 30.00p, and a little krop or 720p at 120fps OK, I think,
    Big step forward for the same as the on-chip analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) that 1DX Mk II, I can not slice as much. it is begränsat.Du have much settings on it, and many find it expensive, Canon lodge problem with it and I understand that, because when you're shooting with it, you oxå to understand. Are you like I need a battery grip which fits your old batteries camera is worth every penny that is my opinion