DJI Mavic Pro RTF

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  • Täysin hyödytön
    Very good form factor and good video, that's enough. The drone has a tendency towards instability and answer sometimes not the controller inputs. It has also happened that the drone has increased in height by itself and by chance dropped in altitude and tried to land over the sea. (Received at the last minute canceled landing). This has happened quote system my February 1st Flight (35 min flight time).
    If you want to risk losing an expensive drone quote system of your first flydager so keep your purchase, but if you have some nerves at the suggestion of instability then drop to purchase this drone and buy the ultra stable Phantom 4 instead. You sacrifice form factor, but getting back on stability.
  • Erinomainen
    Used it for a couple days now. Have no previous experience of drones or video / photo editing. Flying with the drone is too easy even if you should read some basic functions before.

    You will need to spend some time learning the picture settings in the drone then it should be, according to me, put some effort into learning the editing software so you can get the maximum out of this little magical flying machine.

    The drone itself:
    + Extremely flexible format (physical size)
    + Easy to maneuver
    + Even in the basic settings will be pictures and videos OK

    - Battery life, will have to buy more battery.

    Tip. I sync all your photos and videos to Google Photos, which is very convenient if you want to quickly view any video sequence have been taken. BUT, these files are highly compressed, so you should use their videos to more than just display them in your phone so you should remove the memory card from the drone and bring into the computer the way, alt. connect the drone directly in your PC via micro-USB.

    low OT.
    To those who are hesitant to buy because "drönarförbudet" it is about to change. Probably / hopefully this summer, but whether it will disappear in May 2018 because of EU laws.

    // W
  • Täydellinen
    Incredibly smooth. During the test flight in the wind very stable entrusted its small size and weight. Keeps good signal all the way, unfortunately we have only 4 kilometers this scope in the EU and not 7km range in the US for example, This can not go around like the older DJI.

    From today on 21-10-2016 becomes illegal to have the camera on the drone in Sweden and you will not be able to get permission. Adds, if you entrusted everything goes against the law, you will not have any use of your movies more than for private use. There is no chance that you would get permission either.