Canon EF 70-200/2,8 L IS II USM

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  • Täydellinen
    Extremely well!
    Sharply at full aperture, nice colors, high contrast, fast focus, good stability and very well built.

    Yes it is simply top class.
  • Täydellinen
    There is not much to say that has not already been said. There are a plethora of good reviews online, and while it is light years better than the alternatives, and certainly not more affordable, it is still top-of-the-line.

    An advantage that is not mentioned is that after a day with this lens, it feels 24-105 and similar lenses pancake. It is heavy, quite clearly, especially when running longer sessions, but that's the price you pay (besides the actual price then) the quality of the utmost class.
  • Täydellinen
    I'm really pleased, worth every penny!

    + Fast
    The sharpness +

    - Importance
  • Täydellinen
    Have driven by this 1.5 years'm super happy. Bought this instead of my old 100-400 and what a difference.

    Perfect balance of body and lens (5DMKII) if you have the camera hanging from the tripod mount on the lens.

    Can not but recommend this lens. Perfect for any purpose other than group photographs indoors unless the room is large ...
  • Täydellinen
    A pain that this lens is relatively expensive, this is among the best I've used. My first thought was "How much difference can there be in picture quality really in comparison to my usual L 17-40/4.0?" answer to that question is: ASTRONOMER DICTIONARY OF DIFFERENCE

    + Fast as hell
    + The setting options
    + Sharpness with a capital S!
    + Wonderful bokeh

    - The weight.

    The weight oozes quality well, and they really enjoy themselves with the weight first few moments to use it, but after a while one gets tired in the arms. This lens requires no doubt at least a monopod. BFF is a great football game with this without a tripod, had really sore back afterwards: (.
  • Täydellinen
    Bought it in early 2011 and I love it still :)

    However, it has been pretty much everything else I own to shame, so expect that the bar for what feels like "acceptable image quality" skyrocketing.

    That it breaks his back on you after a day on the town is like that one forgets quickly when you open up the files in your computer :)

    Think I estimated saved roughly about 50% of editing time compared to my previous sigma 70-200 2.8.
    The pictures are so much better, straight from the camera.
  • Täydellinen
    Is not much for zooms. For they are cash compared to primes. This does not apply 70-200 II. The old is good too but fuzzy + no IS makes hardly any "clear as day" savings of 10k. Put the money on the good stuff instead.
  • Täydellinen
    WOW! This new 70-200/2, 8 L IS II Canon living up to expectations and performs as good / better than many fixed-lens! Agree with everything that has already been written in the reviews below. The picture quality is REALLY good and delivers a crisp image with nice bokeh in virtually all situations. IS works perfectly and does its job. The pictures are clearly quite useful already at f / 2.8.

    The lens exudes quality and I hardly think that this is something that goes down in a hurry. The changes to the predecessor 70-200/2, 8 L IS is great in my opinion (not that you need to upgrade if you sit on the first variant) and if you're buying a new or used today, that's what you look for.

    It weighs a lot, but there is no major drawback in my opinion. It makes it easier to keep the lens stable (for me anyway) and discourages small tremors causing the risk of camera shake are reduced.

    + Best telephoto zoom in writing and will probably be there for a few years!
    + Good pictures already f / 2.8!
    + Superb sharpness, autofocus, contrast / color and ICE!
    + Gives as good / better pictures than fixed-lens!
    + Improved lens hood that now has a "lock" so that it is stable in all positions!
    + Build quality of the highest class as it should be in the Canon L-class!
    + Weather Sealed!
    + Weight opposing small shakes!
    + And so on ...

    - The weight makes it perhaps inappropriate for the weak and makes your camera bag 1.5 KG heavier.
    - I do not find the supplied lens bag so useful, I keep the lens in my camera bag.

    I have had the lens for about 4 months now and have made sure at least 1 000 exposures with it, update possibly in the future if I find any real disadvantage.

    Are you looking for a professional telephoto zoom lens with this focal length (works great on both full-frame and APS-C/x1, 6) and need / want large aperture and IS is no doubt that it is this lens you should have if you have money for it. The difference from its predecessor is great and justifies the price difference.

    It costs a lot, but it's not expensive for the performance you get and you will be able to use the lens for many years and it will have a good resale value.
  • Täydellinen
    How is it they say in the other side of the duck pond?
    "Buy quality and cry once"?!

    Earlier I had the 70-200 f/4L IS and must say that the optics took amazing pictures, crispiness and build quality top notch.

    Did not think Canon could hit quality that 4L produces. However, it could be them! 70-200 F/2.8 IS II has moved a step closer to Nirvana! And have bannemig reached!

    A Love! The optics deliver in all lighting conditions, at all focal lengths and apertures, bokeh set is absolutely stunning, the focus so precise and fast that one can only dream of.

    Along with Canon's other "work horses" such as 16-35 and 24-70 so have my camera bag now become so good it can ever be.

    Money? Yeah! "It's only expensive if it's not worth it!" says a wise man.

    Looking for uncompromising images in prefektion with the flexibility to zoom. Then it will not get better than this. Purchasing any expensive zoom? Yes, but you will always know that there is something that takes even better pictures!

    If I sound lyrical so I am.
    This is REALLY good shit!
  • Täydellinen
    The lens! Quality, clarity, fokuseringstid ... stabilizer is quite ill, a drunkard had sharp images. Worth every penny. Do not think it is as heavy as some complain about.
  • Täydellinen
    Probably the best telephoto zoom on the market! Razor-sharp from f/2.8, contrasty, good IS, solid build quality. It does not get any better than this.

    Weight and size makes it a bit clunky and the price is high.
  • Täydellinen
    Excellent lens. Clearly better than the first version - especially sharpness at maximum aperture. The image quality is comparable to prime lens. The IS works very well.

    The drawbacks are the weight, size and price.